Sunday, July 3, 2011

Malagos Garden Resort's Bird Show in Davao

Two weeks ago, I took my wife and 2 boys at Malagos Garden Resort in Davao City. The highlight of the visit there is the interactive bird show during Sundays at 10:30 am, which lasts for 45 minutes. Entrance fee for adults is Php 125, while its Php 100 for kids. Adding Php 150 to the entrance fee entitles a customer to avail of their lunch buffet, which is not bad for its price.

Near the entrance of the garden resort is their playground with a tower on the middle.

Kids can enjoy renting a bike or riding a horse for only Php 50 for most of the activities.

The interactive bird show starts with a flock of white doves coming out of a hole in the stage, then circles the amphitheater to wow the audience. Then, the host Dr. Bo Puentespina starts the program, which has relevant environmental protection theme.

Here's a serpent eagle, which demonstrated earlier how it captures its snake prey.

One of the owls shown on the show.

A crow which had earlier snatched its chosen money bill from the hands of the participating audience. Here, it demonstrates the value of saving money in a coin bank.

One of the 2 parrots showing how to shoot a small ball in the basket. Later, they impressed the audience on their courtship show.

Ostriches on part of the show, preceded by many wild ducks running on the ground to simulate an evacuation plan during disasters. This part is very funny if you will watch the show, hehe.

Ostrich dungs left by the large birds.

A white cuckatoo demonstrating the importance of segregating our garbage. Before the show, there is another cuckatoo who entertains the waiting audience of its wacky dance moves and relentless "pangit" monologue. 

A cuckatoo riding a bird scooter, emphasizing the use of bicycles to reduce our carbon emissions.

There are many species of birds on their aviary, as well as other animals like sheep, guinea pigs, etc.

Dr. Bo gladly allowed my kid to take this dwarf horse for a walk. The kid really enjoyed it, hehe.

One of the many sculptures of national artist Napoleon Abueva in the resort grounds below.

The Malagos Bird Show is a very educational and entertaining experience for all ages. Its at par or even better with the bird show I've seen before in Singapore.

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  3. I'm from Davao but I haven't seen this yet...nice