Monday, July 18, 2011

Fort San Pedro in Cebu City

Another must-see tourist site in Cebu is the historical Fort San Pedro, much like the Intramuros in Manila. Its the smallest and oldest fort in the country. Here's the facade of the triangular fort as seen from the public park.

On top of the entrance is an image of Sto. Nino (Infant Jesus). The arches on the top wall reflects the architectural design during that era.

If the inscription on the wooden plank above the entrance door is correct, this Spanish fort was built in year 1563. Its amazing that the carved figures forming a coat-of-arms on top of it, have survived tropical weather conditions for more than 4 centuries.

See the thick stone walls and one of the remaining old cannons guarding the fort's entrance. It served as the town's refuge center during the pirates' invasion of Sugbu, the original name of Cebu. It also served as prison camp of captured Filipino rebels during the Philippine Revolution on late 1890s.

Photo exhibits on both sides of the receiving area shows the history of how the fort and Cebu City was founded. Unfortunately, it was getting late so we did not ventured inside the fort. I have wanted to climb its towers to see the panoramic view of the sea, the port, old post office building, and the rehabilitated "Malacanang Palace" of Cebu.

Entrance fee for adults Is Php 30, while its Php 20 for kids and students.

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