Monday, July 18, 2011

Cebu's Taboan Market, "ATM", Etc.

Do you know that Cebu has another "ATM"? No, its not the cash-dispensing automated teller machine. On the contrary, it functions as a cash-accepting machine, in exchange for dispensing purified water in "tingi" or smaller portion to a refillable water bottle. Below is a sample of Cebu's Automated Tubig (Water) machine, or ATM for short.

The ATM machine is popular to Cebu's masses, especially to those who live near or along its streets. It allows the people to buy purified water in Php 5 denomination to quench that thirst. Its one of the unique and modern-day attractions in Cebu, hehe.

Below are the nice views from the Marcelo Fernan bridge that separates Mactan from mainland Cebu. One of the things that will greet Cebu tourists upon their arrival.

Now when you see an SM Mall, you will be comforted(?) that you are still in Philippines after all.

As a trademark of Visayas provinces, I noticed that Cebu jeepneys are more colorful than Manila jeepneys. Here's one of them, but there are far more interesting jeepneys you will see on Cebu's streets.

If you fancy a more adrenaline-filled viewing of the city, try the Skywalk and similar offerings in the roofdeck of Crown Regency Hotel.

Of course, don't forget to buy Cebu's famous pasalubong of dried danggit (boneless dried fish), available in Taboan Market below. It comes in 2-3 classes. I bought the highest category at Php 570/kg, the unsalted danggit without the gills, and has whiter flesh color. Otap, ronquillos, and dried mangoes are also available on this area. I must warn you though that the strong odor of dried seafoods will surely stick to your clothings, once you enter the stalls.

Dried pusit (squids) are too expensive at Php 750 when we went there last month, far from the Pagadian City's dried squids at Php 1,000 for every 3 kilogram.
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