Sunday, July 10, 2011

Penong's Grill, Luz Kinilaw, Kusina Dabaw

Our first dinner in Davao was spent in Penongs, a highly recommended barbecue chain of restaurants, with affordable menus. Think of Mang Inasal restaurants in mostly open-air dining area with unlimited rice meals, but with more menu items like bulalo and grilled seafoods. 

Service is fast on their Sta. Ana St. branch, inspite of many diners that night. Waiters automatically serve complimentary bulalo soup and cold water to all their customers.

For our group of 2 adults and 2 kids, we ordered bulalo (beef shank soup), 3-pc pork barbecue, grilled squid, unlimited rice, fresh fruits with creamy dressing, and a pitcher of iced lemon tea. Total bill came out at Php 520 only. If you are on a budget, a grilled chicken with unlimited rice costs around Php 70 if I'm not mistaken.

We planned to try a good dinner buffet on our second night along F. Torres St., but our chosen restaurant Ranch and Reef was already full. As recommended by our taxicab driver, we ended up in Kusina Dabaw along San Pedro St., which is walking distance from our hotel. Its an air conditioned  chinese restaurant which is open almost 24 hours, in front of My Hotel. 

There were many guests, both dine-in and take out, due to their quality food at affordable prices. We ordered seafood chopsuey, lumpiang shanghai, an arroz caldo (chicken congee), rice, and drinks for each of us for a total bill of only Php 471. Noodle dishes look like their specialty, judging from what I saw on the dining tables of the other guests. 

The serving size is generous, so we happily took out our excess lumpiang shanghai which is still good on the following day's breakfast. We were just too hungry and tired, that I was not able to take a single photo.

Third dinner prior to our departure is at Luz Kinilaw along Quezon Boulevard. Its an institution in the city, having been in business for more than 30 years, just by looking on the old posters and signages inside the carinderia-style restaurant. 

Half-grilled foods are on display on the restaurant's facade, specializing on tuna cuts, squid, chicken and bituka (intestine). Arriving at around 5:30 pm, we were the first customer on that day's dinner period.

Dining area is spacious on the second floor. We ordered a grilled tuna panga (jaw), chicken barbecue, 1.5 platter of rice, 3 soda drinks, for a total bill of only Php 434. I would have ordered a kinilaw dish (fish ceviche), but we would not have been able to finish all the food if I did. 

The grilled tuna is more than enough for all of us. The tuna is a winner, especially for starving lunch skippers like us. Now if only they can improve their washroom's condition, I will have no qualms in fully recommending them.

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  1. Of the three, I've only tried Penong's. Got to try out the rest too, esp for a foodie like me!

  2. Hi, Abby. I hope you could try other popular restaurants in Davao soon. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Wow! I think I should try penong's grill. bukas na po kaya sila ng breakfast? From airport sana naghahanap kami kung saan pa po iba pwede mag breakfast na must try sa Davao. Thanks!