Sunday, July 10, 2011

Taoist Temple at Cebu City

One of the tourist attractions in Cebu City is the Taoist Temple at Beverly Hills subdivision. Built in 1972 by the local Chinese community, most of its area is open to the public, except the prayer chambers. Its not accessible through jeepney or bus routes, so a taxicab is the best option to get there for tourists like us.

Prepare for an uphill climb to see the temple's beauty.

A lion statue behind a typical pagoda

The iconic dragon, a common feature in Chinese beliefs.

A relaxing statue of Chinese man fishing for real swimming koi fishes

The guard prohibiting me to take photos of the altar and their saints. I didn't know that its not allowed, unlike in Macau's A-Ma Temple that allows picture taking of their saints made of almost pure gold. Good thing that my photo failed to catch a glimpse of their altar, so I guess this post does not disrespect their beliefs.  

The view from the top of the temple. If you will look closely enough, you will see the roof of a lesser-known Chinese temple, which you might have passed along the way to this area.

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