Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Phil. Eagle Center in Malagos, Davao City

After our buffet lunch in Malagos Garden Resort, we proceeded to the Phil. Eagle Center, about 2-3 km farther uphill if my estimate is correct. Tricycle fare is only Php 10 per person from the Puentespinas' garden resort.

Entrance fee is Php 50 for adults, while its Php 30 for those 18 years old or younger. There is a snack store and souvenir shop on the center, where proceeds benefit the protection of the endangered Philippine eagle species. The relaxing lotus pond below with large koi fishes and a footbridge above it welcomes the visitors.

We were quite surprised to see this crocodile, as the first animal attraction on the visitor path.

Below is the first Phil. eagle we saw, a juvenile named Mindanao under a tall tree's shade.

His neighbor is another bird that looks like him, but a different breed of eagle. I think its a serpent eagle on a cage is behind it.

The adult Philippine eagles are on the cages uphill. Below is Pag-Asa's cage. I was able to take his photo but he's quite far and small on another picture. Pag-Asa is the first captive-bred Philippine eagle. Next photo shows his parents (Junior & Diola), on the left side of his cage.

Next are cages of other raptors, like an owl and Australian sea eagle below. For some reason, this sea eagle gets mad if someone gets near his cage. Talk about being too territorial.

There are also deers, a wild pig, and other animals on the park.

A group of playful monkeys on a man-made island. The kids have enjoyed watching them move around and do their primate habits, hehe. 

There are 2 hawks perched on the tree as visitors leave the park. They are too close, that visitors can easily touch them, although there are signages discouraging that. The 2 hawks seem to have gotten used in getting very close with people.

Outside the park is a mini playground and small stores where visitors can buy Davao souvenirs.

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