Friday, July 8, 2011

Hagimit Falls & Kaputian Beach, Samal Island

After our visit in Monfort Bat Caves, we asked our tricycle driver if she could take us to Hagimit Falls in Penaplata district, for an additional Php 200 fare. We checked first the arrival time of next Island Express bus that will bring us to Kaputian district, so that we'll know how much time we can spend at this locally famous waterfalls.

If I remember it correctly, the entrance fee in Hagimit Falls is Php 30/pax. Its quite far from the main road, so a vehicle is recommended to visit the area. Again, habal-habal is the more common form of transportation to this place.

Hagimit Falls is a multi-tiered waterfalls that branched out to 3 neighboring locations before meeting in the lowest area with wide pool. The water is surprisingly not as cold as expected, and the pressure is just right. 

With facilities like washroom, picnic huts, grilling areas, and concrete staircase, we saw many people enjoying the area's clean bluish water. Too bad that we can only stay there for less than an hour.

Our next destination is the Kaputian beach on the southern part of Samal island. We rode the Island Express bus from their Penaplata station for Php 26 fare per person. While waiting for the bus, I bought a cold drink from Mang Inasal branch in the station. 

We arrived in Kaputian beach by 1:30 pm, and paid the Php 10 entrance fee per person. They have a washroom for shower, but its not well maintained. We also rented a table and chairs that were placed under the shade of a tree along the white beach. A preserved dugong (sea cow) is displayed at the beach entrance.

Kaputian beach should have been our takeoff point to Talikud island, the island on the picture below. I was planning to see its coral garden and Babusanta beach, but the boat that will take us back to Sta. Ana pier in the city will leave Kaputian by 3:30 pm. So we have no choice but to stay at the beach, which is full of stones and unfriendly to our bare feet.

There are many other local and foreign tourists in the beach. A couple had put up a tent, and seem to have been there since last night. There are also private huts that can be rented in the area, which is being managed by the barangay government.

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  1. ganda pala ng hagimit. sayang naman di ko napuntahan... i was with my grandma when i visited. baka di kaya magtrek ni lola