Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Davao Crocodile Park & Tribu Mindanawan

This is the last itinerary on Day 1 of our Davao DIY tour, which is near the city center. After riding the passenger van from Malagos, we took a taxicab to the Crocodile Park inside a subdivision. Entrance fee is Php 150 for adults and half price for kids. The fee includes free entrance to the butterfly center across the street, and to the Tribu Mindanawan cultural village and show.

The show at Davao Crocodile Park starts at 4:00 pm during weekends. It starts with a mini-bird show, followed by a yellow python, and an orangutan named Carlo. Afterwards, its the big croc Pangil splashing water to the spectators, feeding frenzy, and tightrope acts of 2 men above the crocs' area until 5:00 pm. 

The birds also perform some tricks like the cuckatoo above and 2 large hornbills catching some food thrown in the air.

A volunteer audience is asked to shut her eyes, while the host puts a yellow python on her shoulders.

Carlo the orangutan perform his "makulit" acts. Again, a female volunteer is asked to pose for a photo with him. Carlo would then try to embrace or kiss the volunteer. All the volunteers got 4 complimentary tickets to a resort in Samal island.

Then Pangil, their largest crocodile wags his powerful tail, splashing water to all the audience encircled to his cage.

Afterwards, the crocodile feeding show with crocs jumping on the air to catch dressed chickens and pork slabs offered by park attendants. Finally, the men who crossed a tightrope above the feeding crocodiles.

There are much more crocodiles showed here than the crocodile farm in Puerto Princesa. There are also many birds and statues around the park for photo ops.

Two tigers are also in the park.

After about half an hour, we transferred to the Tribu Mindanawan cultural village to watch the cultural dance and fire shows at 5:45 pm. The fire dance show is very nice, evidently done with many preparations and practice. Unfortunately, my camera's battery had lost its juice while I was taking a video of the dance shows.

This place is a must-see when you're in Davao. All the shows here are really worth the money we paid for the entrance fees and taxi fares.

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