Monday, June 27, 2011

Alegre Guitar Factory Store in Mactan, Cebu

Last Friday morning upon arrival at Mactan airport, my colleagues and I visited the Alegre guitar factory near the airport as part of our city tour.

Various body plates and guitar parts will greet the visitors upon arrival.

One of the Alegre staff patiently responded to our queries about guitar-making.  He mentioned that many celebrities and local musicians have bought guitars from their store. Different types of wood produce different sound. He said that local woods like kamagong and calantas make very good guitars. However, the best wood for making guitar is Indian rosewood.

Unknown to most people, the inner body plates of the guitars were either carved or added with wood patterns. Not only for durability, but to also create unique sounds, like the two inner body plates below.

A few guitar craftsmen showing their expertise

Guitars in various stages of their creation

Attractive finished products on sale. The guitars for serious users start at Php 1,900/pc. Prices are negotiable with the store owners at the counter.

Ukuleles for sale, including those made from coconut shell.

A large guitar called bajo on display also for sale

Cheaper guitars on sale at the back. Great pasalubong (bring-home gifts) to kids. Smallest guitar toy starts at Php 130/pc. Guitar-themed keychains and display items can also be bought on their outside kiosk shop for those on the hunt for inexpensive giveaways.

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  1. Can't wait to check this place out!!

  2. nah,,,guitars made for souvenirs only,,,,for musicians go for the brands or else you will be laugh onstage,,, youtube videos to be more knowlegable about guitars and music or browse for google about famous brands i suggest...

  3. what is their complete address

    1. Their address and contact details:

      Pajac Abuno, 6015, Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
      Contact Number: 0063-32-5050706
      Email Address: