Sunday, June 12, 2011

Food Trip in Puerto Princesa

Our first dinner in Puerto Princesa is at Balinsasayaw Restaurant in Rizal Avenue. This well-lighted branch is more accessible than their original branch in Manalo St. We tried their clam specialty "renge renge" at Php 85/serving. Its good especially with beer, but the portion size is small.

Pancit canton and lumpiang shanghai were ordered for the kids. Sinigang na lapu-lapu (soured garoupa soup) is also good at Php 190/portion.

The winner is nilasing na hipon (fried suahe shrimp) priced at Php 125/portion with generous serving as expected from our previous meal there last 2009. We ordered 2 portions for a shrimp overload, hehe. Soda drinks at 1.5 Lt sizes can also be ordered at around Php 80/bottle, but most of us got fresh mango shake at Php 49/glass.

Our stay in Ysabelle Mansion for Php 2,100/night includes breakfast set meal for 6 persons, our room's capacity. The breakfast is basic, good enough with our room rate. Every night, we have to submit our chosen breakfast set menus and at what time we would like them served on their dining area. 

There are choices of rice (steamed or garlic), egg (boiled, scrambled, sunny side up), main course (hotdog, corned beef, danggit, tuyo, tapa, longaniza), and drink (coffee, tea, or Milo). They also have american breakfast with egg and breads.

Second dinner is at Bilao and Palayok Restaurant, along Rizal Avenue near Ka Lui. Menu is similar with Balinsasayaw, but I find them more expensive. For example, their bulalo is priced at Php 260, but is only Php 220 in Balinsasayaw. The lighting ambience is darker but with more Filipino theme. Service quality is also good, though they have less staff and they don't wear uniform. 

We ordered a set menu of grilled pork and seafoods in bilao which is good, except for the prawns and bagoong alamang which are not fresh and has off taste. There is no option for 1.5-Lt soda drink, so we ordered the 1 pitcher iced tea at Php 110. Balinsasayaw gives more value for money than this restaurant. 

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  1. I haven't tried nilasing na hipon. I love the last photo of higanteng palayok hehehe!! cute!

  2. Nilasing na hipon is basically deep fried whole suahe with their shells. You might have tried it on other restaurants.

    The girl on the last photo is my daughter. I agree, the giant palayok is really eye-catching.

    Thanks for visiting the blog.

  3. cool blog. i enjoy reading food trip like this. thanks for sharing one.

  4. Thanks Eddel for visiting the blog.