Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan in Bay, Laguna

After our hike in Mt. Makiling's Mudspring, we decided to have lunch at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan restaurant in Bay, Laguna. Its on the right side of the road from UPLB heading to Sta Cruz, Laguna, probably less than 5 km. from the intersection of main highway and Lopez St. (road that leads to UPLB). Parking is not a problem, as they have ample parking space shaded by trees to keep the car cool even at lunchtime.

Upon entering the restaurant grounds/fishpond, a man-made waterfalls with statue of laughing buddha will greet the customers. A waiter with laminated menu card on hand directed us to a floating hut where we'll enjoy our lunch for 5 persons. There are big tilapia and mudfish on the fishpond, which the guests could catch if they bring their own fishing rod and pay the prices of the live fish per kilogram. The place is very popular as it was almost full by 12:45 pm, half an hour since our arrival.

We ordered our tried-and-tested favorites like grilled liempo (pork belly at P290) and seafoods kare-kare (in peanut stew at P210), as well as lumpiang shanghai (fried pork spring roll P100) and fruit shakes (P50 each). Service charge is voluntary, unlike in other restaurants which add 10% on your bill even if you're not happy with the product or service. 

Inspite of summer heat mitigated by 2 electric fans per hut, we are very satisfied with our meal, having excess grilled liempo as takeout food. The flavors are 7/10 on my scale, but the portion sizes are 9/10 as they are very generous and consistent with our previous experience last year. This is a value-for-money restaurant, and I will definitely come back if I find myself on this area again. Unfortunately, they don't accept credit cards, which could be one reason why they could sell their menu items at very reasonable prices.
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  1. This is a great blog; there are so many known restaurants here in the Philippines but some other way if where going to the province like in Laguna there is a lot of Restaurant serving so much delicious food. This restaurant Kamayan sa Palaisdaan is very interesting and it serving Filipino food that we want to eat.

  2. Thanks for visiting the blog.