Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kids' School Books

Our 3 kids' total book cost for this year will be almost Php 14k if we get all of it from their school. Thats a lot of money, aside from their tuition fees, uniforms, and other school supplies.

Buying used books from Recto Avenue or their senior schoolmate counterparts could be an option, but only if the books' previous owners took good care of them and didn't leave any mark, which is almost impossible. If those books are less expensive on bookstore chains, it could be another option, but most of the time they don't sell those institutional books.

That leaves me with just one option -- buy those books direct from their publishers, like what I did for a few of their books last year in a Makati-based publisher. This year however, I could save about Php 500 if I will get 9 of the kids' books from a publisher's shop along Quezon Avenue at QC. Unfortunately, that potential savings would be reduced as I will spend on gas or fare expenses from Makati with the sole purpose of going to the publisher's area. Plus I would have to allot some time and effort for such cost reduction initiative.

My decision? I will buy those less-expensive books from the publisher when I pass near their area a week before the start of classes. If this opportunity will not materialize, I would have no choice but conveniently buy all those books from the school.

Now I'm considering writing a book for the extra income potential, hehe.
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