Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tagaytay on a Sunday

We've been to Tagaytay for countless of times, but its only now that I will write a blog post about our Tagaytay trip this afternoon.

From our home in Binan near Carmona Cavite border, we usually take the route in Governor's Drive leading to GMA, then turning left at Shell station thru a road that pass barangay Maguyam in Silang, Cavite.Upon reaching Seaoil station at the end, another left turn then right turn on following street will lead us near Riviera Golf in Aguinaldo Highway. This shorter but becoming-more-popular route cuts at least 15 minutes of our travel time than if we take Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay road or if we pass thru Dasmarinas.

Our first stop was the Pink Sisters Church at around 4 pm, with usual volume of people on a weekend. After saying our prayers and some photo ops, we transferred to Mushroom Burger for snack. This time, I tried their tapa rice meal with adobo egg, from the usual cheese or royal burger. As our usual practice whenever we go to Tagaytay, we brought our own iced tea drink on a cooler, plus plastic cups, so we don't have to buy any expensive drink.

Next stop is the "Roberto parking lot" which overlooks the Taal lake, right after Taal Vista when coming from Mushroom Burger. This is the kids' favorite place where they could ride a horse at P200/hour, or a bike for P80-P100 per hour. Sadly, they have just increased their bike rental rates by P20/hour, but the quality of the bikes or the bike grounds did not improved.

Aside from Tagaytay's ambience, one should not miss the view of Taal lake and one of the remaining volcano of the used-to-be super Taal volcano eons ago, when going to Tagaytay. This parking lot and playground allows this view below.

The weather at Tagaytay this summer is also hot, but probably only 2 deg. celsius lower than in Laguna or Manila. After buying a few liters of their less expensive gasoline, we left Tagaytay with its building cold breeze before 7 pm. Since it was already dark, we missed stopping at our suki fruit stall in Silang along the shorter route to Maguyam. Anyway, we'll probably be back to enjoy Tagaytay and Silang's offerings again on the next 3 months.
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