Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pacman the Dog

We have a 7-month old dog, a half askal-half beagle (or other breed) named Pacman. He may be an ordinary dog, but with the extent of vaccines and treatments that he received, aside from updated anti-rabies shots, his net worth could be close to imported dogs with commercial breeds.

His hair at the back of his neck springs up when angry, as he always get mad at those noisy tricycles passing the street. He likes to chase people, cats, frogs, and other things that move. He had destroyed countless rubber slippers, even the newly-bought air filter of my van when I mistakenly left it at the garage. Its just hard to give him to other pet owners as he's also very affectionate to us.

I have to look for him one late night on a dark barrio rural road in Bulacan, after he failed to show up on my in-laws' home after more than 4 hours. He was very very happy to see me from his hiding place, and I have to carry him since he was being harassed by other "siga" dogs in the neighborhood which prevented him to go back home.

He is quite stubborn when we call him to get back to our premises. He usually gets a bath on weekends. One time I have to cut some of his hair to remove stuck bubblegum, which left an "uka" on his fur. We also have to dispose his "natural solid waste" every morning. He doesn't like sardines and most fishes, except tuna. Meat and bones are his favorites. Even if we dine outside, we collect the food leftovers or cook something for his lunch or dinner.

With all those attention to him, sometimes I feels like he is the master, and not us humans. :-)
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