Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BPI Credit Cards Pizza Hut Promo

Good news to all BPI credit card holders!

I received an SMS message from BPI last night advising their promo with Pizza Hut Restaurants and Bistros, valid from 18 May until 15 July 2010. As usual, BPI has not yet posted the promo details on their website, but a quick call to 89-100 confirmed the details below.

Redemption is until 15 September 2010, and valid for dine-in customers only. For every minimum charge to your BPI credit card, you can redeem the following items from regular Pizza Hut outlets:

1,500 - Supreme Buddy Pan Pizza or Caesar Salad
3,000 - Spaghetti Bolognese or Fettucine Ala King
7,000 - Supreme Family Pan Pizza

Minimum purchase requirements have been increasing every new food promo. Prior to this promo, the minimum charge requirements are 1500, 3000, & 6000 with Jollibee and Chowking items. I remember getting Tokyo Tokyo's beef misono for only P500 minimum charge during their first food promo 3 years ago. The only difficulty then was to find Tokyo Tokyo outlets and there was only 1 food choice, but I was able to redeem all those accumulated BPI charge slips before the deadline. 

At least now we could get freebies when dining at Pizza Hut outlets, while the PALM card gets used mostly on pizza takeouts or deliveries.

Hmm...time to use again my BPI-Petron card for our gas and grocery purchases.
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