Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mutated Fruits & Veggies

Man's quest to be more efficient or do something different have been extended even on the farmed produce. Even without tinkering with genetics, he is able to dictate the appearance of some fruits below:

Watermelon in cube shape

Watermelon shaped into a conical head

 Pears from "praying" moulds

 Another fruit in a female human form, either moulded or sculpted

Still, nothing beats Mother Nature when she produce natural freaks, like a tomato with horns

An eggplant with pinocchio-style nose

A turnip which looks like a foot

A bunch of carrots which resemble a hand

A ginger which is nature-carved like a rabbit

Then some funny looking picture of a "sayote" fruit below

Who would have thought that nature has some sense of humor?  :)

All above photos are taken from various internet sites, credits given to their original owners.

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