Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Coming from Brunei then KL's LCCT Airport thru Air Asia's promo fare, we arrived in KL Sentral by Skybus at almost 8 pm. Its good that we booked at YMCA for RM 80/night with breakfast, as its only 5-minute walk from the hub of bus and train stations. Their train system also use magnetic cards similar to Manila’s MRT, but they have much more routes and better organized.

After checking-in, we went to Chinatown at Pasar Seni station to buy some shirts. Dinner at a Chinese roadside restaurant on the corner and middle of Petaling St. in Chinatown was surprisingly expensive given the portion size of food and poor quality of a pearl shake drink which looked good in their menu.

After receiving lousy breakfast service at YMCA, we proceeded to Petronas towers to get free skybridge tour tickets for the day. A lot of tourists have already lined up when we arrived before 8 am. We chose the 6:30 pm slot and we were handed our free tickets by 9:15 am. Afterwards, we proceeded to Putra Gombak station to board a bus going to Genting Highlands.

From Putra Gombak, we availed the RM 41/head Genting daytour package which includes return bus transfer, cable car ride, and a choice of amusement park ride or buffet lunch. Temperature up in the mountain was less than 20 C, as it was very foggy as you can see on the cable car picture. Since I was only wearing short pants and we didn’t brought any jacket, we stayed indoors most of the time. We chose buffet lunch which is really value-for-money, as there are many choices, more than the buffet choices of hotels in Manila. We just checked the mountain complex’s facilities, thought of entering a casino but those dressed in short pants were barred from entering. There are many shops, restaurants, and food stalls in Genting, aside from the hotels and amusement facilities.

We went back to Putra Gombak station by 3:30 pm, then proceeded to Central Market also at Pasar Seni station, to buy keychains and shirts. Goods here are cheaper than in Chinatown. We bought most of our goods from Zakir Batik & Crafts store, since one of the shop's owners patiently attended to us, even escorting us to other stores, aside from giving us the lowest price from our canvassing. Cadbury and a local chocolate brand are less expensive here as well as they are manufactured in Malaysia.

By 6 pm, we boarded the MRT back to Petronas towers for the free skybridge tour after a 10-minute video presentation about the towers. The views up there are not that great, but we just want the experience. Later at night, the twin towers look like glittering diamonds from the park below.

Dinner was fried KFC chickens at the Petronas mall. Unlike in KFC outlets in Manila, they serve tomato catsup and chilli sauce with the chicken, not a gravy.

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