Monday, September 16, 2013

Hinayagan Cave in Bislig City, Surigao

After lunch, we headed north to Hinayagan Cave in San Vicente, Bislig City. The cemented road became rocky, so its quite a pain in the butt for 20 minutes at the back of the habal habal ride. 

Our driver Jikjik doesn't know the jump off point to the cave from the road. Good thing that we stopped right near the jump off point, where a local old man reside nearby, and guided us to the cave. The jump off point is on the left side of the road, with a small nipa hut and signage.

The trail below is not used much, as can be seen on the dense plant growth. It took us about 15 minutes of descent to reach the shallow river.

The mouth of the dark cave where the river flows. According to locals, the cave was discovered by accident, when a hunter "Bidok" was chasing a wild boar. First it was named as Suhoton Cave, then renamed as Hinayagan Cave. Hinayagan means a place of announcement.

In about 100m, we have entered the cave after negotiating the slippery rocky surface.

The nice feature of Hinayagan cave is the collapsed ceiling, which allows light to illuminate the center. 

It would have been better if we visited at noontime during a sunny day. The light's reflection inside the cave would have been more warm and dramatic.

A few young stalactites can be seen from the sinkhole.

The water is clear, and I saw a few fishes swimming.

Blocking tree branches seem to discourage visitors from venturing deeper to the other end of the cave. It is too narrow, dark, and creepy, for someone who would like to reach that other entrance. I suspect that the underground river is deep on that passageway, because the water flows silently.

Our local guide whom we call as "Manong". He cannot speak Tagalog, and speaks nasally. We gave him a tip which he appreciated.

Spring water comes out of a rectangular hole on the cave's wall.  

The view of the cave's mouth as we are about to leave it.

There are portions of the road that are being repaired, so it should be easier for the coming visitors in the future. When that happens, the cave will be a more popular destination for adventourists.

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