Sunday, September 15, 2013

Desperate Measures to Eradicate Corrupt Politicians

You may have heard of an old story when God created Earth. Just like the yin & yang, God is showing Archangel Michael that He is putting a balance on each country that he creates. There are both good and bad things in any place. In Europe for example, He made the people smart to start the Industrial Revolution, but He also gave them cold winters. In Middle East, it is very hot and barren, but He gave them crude oil.

Then Michael asked why Philippines seem perfect, with lots of natural resources, happy and smart people. Where is that "balance" here? God's reply to him -- "Wait until I give them their politicians".

Transparency International have included two past Filipino presidents (Marcos & Erap) on their list of 10 most corrupt leaders in 2004. I wonder if GMA will be included on their list on their latest update.

Now the recent controversy on PDAF or pork barrel abuse seem to be the last straw on the temper of Filipino people, who are sick and tired of how the Philippine government is ran by corrupt politicians.

Being in the lower middle class, its hard not to get really mad to those necessary evils called politicians, when they literally steal our taxpayers' money without the slightest hint of decency or fear. Presidents, Senatongs, Tongressmen, Governors, Mayors, and government officials who are supposedly honorable servants of the people, are like wolves who we entrusted to watch over the sheep. 

That is why our esteemed modern heroes, the OFWs, continue to be mistreated and abused on most parts of the world. Our soldiers who fight the bandits in Mindanao have to literally beg for food and water, surviving with broken boots and inadequate weapons. Even senators who were former military leaders, turned a blind eye on their former comrades once they are in power.

Who can we blame on this government shit hole? Its the gullible and dumb voters, who sell their votes and allow themselves to be manipulated by politicians. We are the laughing stock of the world for re-electing politicians who were convicted and overthrown from previous events. We easily forget the politicians' wrongdoings, so the history of plundering repeats itself, but on more daring and grander scale.

Cory Aquino and various People Power Revolutions failed to stop this cancer on political system. Graft and corruption is more prevalent and an open secret, because nobody rots in jail or receive the death sentence. These corrupt politicians can always hide on our inefficient justice system, while enjoying the comforts of a wheelchair, hospital, or resthouse.

Will these senate investigation or legal proceedings change anything on this sick ballgame? I don't think so. The cure for this whole political and government mess requires more than those failed solutions. 

Enough of those legal drama, "epal" proceedings, and political patronage. We need something drastic, swift, and violent solutions. Forget those laws and human rights for the meantime, until we fully cleanse the system.

Here are my sick (6) suggestions:

1. Round up all those corrupt leaders, including those who benefited from the stolen public funds in 1 night. Put them in a kangaroo court trial with unquestionable evidences, before placing them on a televised firing squad.

2. Schedule a "payola night" or "receive your PDAF share" party in a large hotel ballroom. When everyone invited are inside, lock and seal the ballroom, then release the poison gas. 

3. Another option is arranging a luxury cruise for them with promise of Hollywood stars' show, a boxing mega event on board, then sink the ship in the middle of freezing ocean water. You may also invite the owners of MV Don Juan, Dona Paz, and Princess of the Stars, so that they would personally feel the dangers of maritime disasters.

4. Ask a terrorist group to crash 2-3 commercial planes during a session on the Senate and Lower House. Or arrange suicide bombers to attend legislative proceedings, and become real martyrs. With divine intervention, the good guys will be called to leave the target premises.

5. Send them to Gulag or hard prison labor. At night or during their breaks, let the PNP torture cops exercise their creativity and expertise to these corrupt politicians. I just hope that the torturers don't fall into the sweet talks and bribery attempts from their subjects.

6. Arrange a supposedly peace talk or a winning military action in Zamboanga or Panatag shoal for "pogi" points and photo ops. Then they would be held hostage by the rebels or Chinese navy, who will demand all their money as ransom. We will ask half of the paid ransom money to be given back to Filipino people. Who knows? The hostage takers could be more trustworthy to deal with than our politicians.

What is your pick on the above choices? Or you may add other suggestions. :)

Note: Photos above were taken from Thinking Class of the Phils'. FB account.

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