Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gail's, Casa Babano & Ocean View Restos

One good thing when traveling is we get to try the food in other areas. When outside of Metro Manila, the food are usually fresher and cheaper as well. Here are some of the food we tried in Bislig City, including those I found in the market.

Casa de Babano Coffee Shop

We were starving when we arrived at night on the pension house. For our dinner, we ordered a chicken barbecue, a pork sisig, and malasugui fish in sour soup.

The meat items are just average, but the fish soup is very good. We paid about P330 for the meal, including 3 cups of rice and soda drinks.

They have lunch (and sometimes dinner) buffet during weekends for only P 99/head, though we were not able to see what they offer on such very cheap buffet.
Ocean View Restaurant

This is situated on a curved part of the highway, a few kilometers from Mangagoy going to Tinuy-an Falls. Visitors must climb the long staircase to reach the restaurant on top of the hill.

Their menu is limited, mostly short orders. At less than P100 per set meal, their prices are fine with us. We saw the owner (an old European man) preparing the food, assisted by the courteous uniformed staff.

While waiting for our lunch food orders, we stepped out of the dining area to admire the views of Bislig Bay.

Ocean View has a mini aviary full of love birds. Washroom is clean. We skipped their International Doll House.

Wife and I ordered fish fillet in curry sauce. Its a westernized version, more like a fusion food, with banana and pineapple slice. Nice twist for an Asian food, though I find the sauce lacking the curry taste. Their fried chicken has huge serving, and cheaper than fastfood price though.

Gail's Restaurant

Our second dinner was held in Gail's Restaurant, just a few steps away from Casa de Babano. They have 2 portions -- fan and air conditioned dining areas. For those on budget, they have carinderia "turo-turo" food at cheap prices. They seem to be a popular place for the locals, whether dining casually or celebrating special occasions.

We ordered 2 ala carte menus, a carinderia bopis food, a platter of rice, and a liter of soda drink. The fish and shrimp are sold per kilo, and will be cooked anyway you want. 

The fresh danggit sour soup below came in a huge bowl. We enjoyed the seafood dishes, and quite surprised that we finished everything. Total bill is about P700 for three persons, including our habal habal driver.

Public Market

The free breakfast in the pension house has small portion, so I went to the public market nearby to augment it. There are lots of roast chicken stalls in the area, so I guess roast chicken is popular here.

I saw the boneless dilis (anchovies) below, perfect for kinilaw (ceviche) or even just frying. I would have bought a few if I have access to a kitchen.

Among the many choices in the market, I bought a half kilo of mud crab for P 150.

I arranged it to be cooked at Casa de Babano for P50 cooking fee. Now our breakfast turned into a heavy meal, hehe.

On my way back to the pension house, I spotted this fruit stand along the street. I bought 2 kg of mangosteen for P 80/kg. They were freshly-harvested and sweet.

Bislig City turned out to be a food haven for us!

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