Friday, September 13, 2013

Caleruega Retreat Center and Sky Ranch

If you are tired of the usual attractions in Tagaytay, you can go further in Caleruega Retreat Center in Nasugbu (Batangas) after the Alfonso town. I've been to Mt. Batulao twice, but never got the chance to see the nearby Caleruega. Last July, I took my family and in-laws to this famous place for weddings and retreats.

Caleruega can be accessed by entering the Evercrest Golf Club (not operating anymore), just a few kilometers from the Nasugbu arc. But instead of going left to Mt. Batulao, we turned right on that fork in the road. Then its a downhill drive on mostly rough road. We paid entrance fees and parking fee, about Php 20-30 for each fee.

There is limited parking space inside the Caleruega compound, so we parked on their lower part near the garden and fishponds. My companions, especially the kids, enjoyed the relaxing environment.

Lots of plants and trees are on the area.

Fishponds with Japanese carp (koi) can be seen in different sizes and colors.

We crossed a hanging bridge to get to the other side.

Then climbed a grassy hill lined with trees.

Where a pavilion that doubles as a chapel for garden weddings is a nice spot.

It is breezy on top of the hill, perfect for jumpshots. Mt. Batulao can be seen from this hill.

Before leaving the compound, we checked their famous chapel where the Sunday mass is about to start. Those who will only attend the mass are exempted from paying the entrance fee. There is a staircase from the access road, so that parishioners need not park inside the compound.

After our bulalo lunch, we proceeded to the newly-opened Sky Ranch near Taal Vista Hotel. It used to be a biking and horse-riding area in Tagaytay. Entrance fee is Php 100 per person, plus parking and ride fees.

There are only about 8 rides available, as its development is not yet complete. I find its entrance fee with individual ride fees being expensive, if compared with unlimited ride option in Star City and Enchanted Kingdom.

I think its only major attraction is the giant air conditioned ferris wheel, with view of Taal lake and volcano. By the way, the wheel rotates only once for each ride.

Before we left Tagaytay, we bought fruits and some flowering plants.

Going back, we checked the Orient Buko pie stall in Caltex station along Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay. Unfortunately, they ran out of stocks. We proceeded to Nuvali for early dinner.

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