Sunday, May 6, 2012

San Bartolome Church in Magalang, Pampanga

After our day climb of Mt. Arayat on a Black Saturday, I asked our tricycle driver to take us first at the old church of Magalang town in Pampanga. Officially known as San Bartolome Church, I was not disappointed with its facade, even if we were not able to see its interiors.

Originally built in 1605 by Augustinians, it is not on its original form. The first structure built on its current location was the site of the historic battle between Spaniards and revolutionary followers of Andres Malong (not Bonifacio) in year 1660. 

In 1734, the church was transferred to San Bartolome barrio (hence the name), only to be destroyed by the Parua river on the flood of 1863. It was later moved back to barrio San Pedro, its current location, on December 1863. The church shows some influence of Baroque style, prevalent during those years of Spanish colonialism. 

According to our tricycle driver who lives on the foot of Mt. Arayat, some 15-20 minutes drive from the church, they used to hear its church bells from their home. Now they can't hear it anymore, as perhaps age has deteriorating effect on the church bells. 

The canopy on the above photo was added only last 2004.The church was closed that time, but some staff were busy preparing for Easter Sunday activities.

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