Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Maquinit Hot Spring in Coron

After days of trekking, snorkeling, and beach bumming, my body needs to soothe its tired muscles. I've already tried the Php 250 Thai massage near Sea Breeze on my first night. An alternative solution can be found about 5-km southeast of Coron town proper, called Maquinit Hot Spring, at the end of the main road.

Trike drivers quoted us Php 300 for a round trip travel to the Hot Spring, which involves passing through a brief dusty rough road. Entrance fee for non-Coron resident is Php 150/person, which seem reasonable as they have clean and well-maintained shower and dressing facilities. Arriving at dusk, there are many visitors at the place, a mixture of foreigners and locals.

The water of the hot spring is quite salty, since the spring emanates from the seashore, where the seawater mixes with the fresh hot water from a volcanic vent. People say that its the only salty hot spring in the country, if not in the whole world. As expected from natural hot springs, the water has sulfuric contents, manifested by the slight rotten egg smell of the water.

At first dip, the hot spring water seems too hot for the body to endure. But as night progresses with the cold sea breeze, the hot water becomes more tolerable. Still, I prefer the Ardent hot spring in Camiguin, for its "non-touristy" price, more relaxing water temperature, and cleaner feeling. After about an hour, we left the place as it seems too crowded, and I got the feeling that I need to rinse off the spring water residues immediately.

So is the place worth a visit? Yes it is, just for the experience. But I would not go back to the place to shell out money for the transportation and entrance fee again, unless I'm a hot spring fanatic. :)

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