Thursday, May 3, 2012

Improving our Domestic Airports

I enjoyed my 4 days of vacation in Coron last mid-March. It would have been perfect for us travellers, if not for the two inconveniences we encountered in Busuanga airport that time, as follows:

1. Power outage that resulted to an airport without air conditioning. We have to stay at the departure lounge from 2-5 pm to endure the afternoon heat, lengthening our suffering by our delayed plane coming from Manila. Their genset can only supply power to their computer terminals and some electric fans.

2. Washrooms that has no water supply. As you can see, there is no faucet on the lavatories below. No pail or drum of water inside as well. How can you clean up, when the simple task of washing your hand is impossible to do? This is totally unacceptable, especially if we want our country to be recognized in the international tourism map. 

It makes us wonder what happens to the terminal fees that they collect at the airports. Are those fees insufficient to ensure that we have decent airport facilities? Or are they used for other purposes?

Some bad experiences in other domestic terminals include cramped departure areas, especially when outgoing flights got delayed. Passengers have to stand up for more than an hour since all the seats are taken. On some airports, travelers have no choice but to ride the expensive cabs or vans, as there is no cheaper public transport alternative.

I hope that our DOT, DOTC, and local officials solve these problems as soon as possible. Congressmen can sponsor airport or seaport improvement projects, instead of putting up waiting sheds that nobody use anyway. Local governments should allocate their tourism/environmental fees for the maintenance of critical areas. Somehow, our marketing slogan "Its More Fun in Phils." seems a joke and ironic, when we see basic things that remain neglected.

Modernization or state-of-the-art facilities can wait. Just provide the passengers with functional, clean, and complete facilities.

We need to "walk the talk" first, get our acts together, before we can convince foreign tourists that its really "more fun" to travel here in our nice country.

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  1. what you said is true....especially terrible about flights delay.. its so bad .... well at least we admit it !
    first of all local administration dont care or save money on that stuff... but same happen in my country too !!...we have soemthing in common

  2. Coincidentally, the same issues were raised on local TV news, just 15 minutes ago. A very timely post, hehe.