Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CJ Corona's Impeachment Trial in Funny Pics

Now that the Philippine Senate have bestowed a "Guilty" verdict to the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona, the nation can hopefully focus on other things, like the standoff with China, etc. The senate can also do their prime duty, which is to legislate or enact laws.

People have many opinions on this impeachment trial. For me I think he's guilty, and should have just quit his job to avoid battle scars, like what the former Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez did. Well, this blog post would not touch on those serious matters or arguments about the merits of the trial. This is just to show the lighter side of it, for a change, hehe.

On the course of 5 months since the trial have started, I have seen many photos, edited or in raw form, from the internet and mostly from Facebook posts. It started with PNoy's call to CJ Corona to resign, during his induction speech.

Then the trial started with the 2 lead protagonists on both sides, Rep. Tupas and Atty. Cuevas.

Sen. Miriam Santiago demonstrating again her feisty behavior.

A member of prosecution team covering his ears, getting charged with contempt in the process.

CJ Corona trying to win the sympathy of the public through presscons and public appearances.

Various senate courtroom dramas.


Fast forward to the most-awaited part, CJ Corona at the witness stand. After reading his lengthy defense, he suddenly left the trial, due to health reasons. How come he was able to stand up and walk unassisted to his waiting vehicles, yet claim that its unplanned and has serious health condition? Hence the creation of many edited and funny photos below.
The wheelchair becoming a political and popularity icon, only in the Philippines.

Associations with his benefactor GMA, and the same tactics used by public officials who tried to avoid the charges hurled against them.

Waiting and guessing time while closing arguments are presented.

Finally the "Guilty" verdict later this afternoon.

What can we expect after this?

On a serious closing note, I hope that this trial will be a catalyst for a cleaner, more honest, transparent, and conscientious governance.

Disclaimer: All the photos above are taken from the internet (mostly from Equalizer), and from FB posts of various individuals. Its quite impossible for me to trace the original owners of the pictures. No photo editing or enhancement done from my part.

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  1. LOL! That was hilarious, I'm dying of laughter when I saw Arroyo that acting like a child. haha..

    Philippines News Today