Friday, October 7, 2011

Thanks for the 100,000 Hits

A big Thank You to all the readers of this blog, whether regular readers or who just stumbled on this once when "googling" a topic. After 138 posts eliciting 300+ comments, this 568-day old blog had just garnered 100,000 hits from over 45,000 visitors, who have read this blog from 128 countries around the world. As expected, Philippines top the number of visitors, followed by US, Singapore, Canada, and Hongkong. 

English is the major language used by this blog's visitors, followed by Filipino, and a far third is German. Majority of the readers use Firefox as browser, closely followed by Chrome users, then Internet Explorer (IE). There is a debatable study released in Yahoo News before that in general, those who use internet browser other than IE are more intelligent, so I'm sure the readers of this blog belong to the smarter group of the world's population, hehe.

Even though most of my articles are journals of my travels, they seem to be less popular, probably due to the presence of many travel-related blogs on the web. My posts about BPI credit card promos got the top 5 spots of most hits, followed by the SLEX toll rates, Batanes article, Kulo art exhibit, vehicle clearance and registration, renewing the driver's license, Siquijor article, SM Cinema's ticket price on 3D films, and refund on Meralco deposits. It is good to learn that my posts about various information and how-to articles assisted a lot of this blog's viewers.

I was quite surprised on the turnout of readers on the Kulo art post, even if a week had passed since the controversial art exhibit has been terminated. Either its really that controversial, or there were many students researching the topic for their reaction paper.

With my rant posts on SM Cinema, SLEX toll rates, HPG practices, and Asianic computer store, I was wondering how many readers reacted by taking their business elsewhere, or if I have aggravated their disappointments in government agencies and to some commercial establishments. 

This blog was borne out of my desire to share energy and resource conservation tips to help the environment, as well as to help readers manage their personal finances. But those topics seem to be unpopular. Then I was bitten by travel bug, so I started and shared my travel experiences, as a way of giving back what I've learned from travel blogs and forum sites, like Pinoy Exchange.

I hope that this blog will continue to be a source of information for those looking for helpful knowledge via the internet.

Maraming Salamat.

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  1. Have just breached the 200k views mark! Thanks again for visiting the site.