Monday, August 9, 2010

Asianic Computer Store at Park Square Makati

Last Friday, I went to Park Square in Makati City to buy a laptop and a printer.  After paying cash in my laptop purchase to avail a huge discount, I have no more cash to avail the  printer's cash price of Php 3,900 at PC Corner where I bought my laptop.

My target printer is Brother 195C priced almost the same at Php 3,950 in all stores where available. In Asianic Store, the tent card price indicates Php 3,950 and available for 6 monthly installments of Php 658.33/month. Its the same price even if I pay in cash or credit card. So I told the salesguy that I would like to buy one unit, and he started to unpack the printer box for a product demo. He volunteered to process the payment while doing the demo to make it faster, and I agreed. 

When I was about to give my credit card, I told him that I would like to avail the 6-month installment of Php 658.33/month, which will be Php 3,950 in total. But he advised me that the total price will be around Php 4,200 if I will be charged in installment basis, as there was a mistake in the price tag. He was even trying to show to me their pricing scheme in their Point-of-Sale computer system. I told him that its not acceptable as they are misleading their customers, so I told him to cancel the transaction. I could afford straight charge in my card, but I cannot tolerate such malpractice 'coz I felt being cheated!

I transferred to the Octagon computer store in front of Asianic. The Octagon salesguy told me without any hesitation that the Php 3,950 price is the same whether by cash, straight charge by card, or 6-month installment of Php 658.33 per month. So, I purchased the unit from them for 6-monthly installments.

Do those Asianic storeguys know that what they are doing is illegal? From what I know with DTI's Price Tag law, the shop should sell their merchandise based on their price tag. If there is a difference between price tags or POS prices of same product, they are mandated to give the lowest price, no excuses allowed even if its just an honest mistake on price tag.

I will try to report this with Asianic management to rectify their storeguys' practice, and with DTI to check this incident as well.

Asianic store's photo of their facade above is just an example from their website, as I wasn't able to get their Park Square branch's photo, nor their salesguy's name as I want to leave their premises immediately in my disgust.
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  1. Within a week, I filed a complaint to Asianic's website and to DTI's online consumer service on this incident, but I never got any response. :(

  2. is there a asianic store here in pagadian?

  3. Hi! There is no Asianic store in Pagadian, but you can try other computer shops in Gaisano mall. The closest Asianic store in your area will be in Davao and CDO, as per this link:

  4. i bought a linksys wrt120n at your store in sm center laspinas- after 2 weeks of use the unit / router is always disconnected - intermitent connection either hardwired or wireless, it will disconnect thrice in one day sometimes more than 3 times, when i bypassed it, it did'nt not disconnect me an had a stable connection when bypassed. now when i reconnect the router, it's doing the same thing again and again, so i return the unit for diagnosis before friday shipment date to warehouse, then i called after a week and they said 2 to 3 weeks more, whoever is responsible or liable for this issue, as a customer will you pls expedite this, or maybe replaced it immediately because i need the router and i'm loosing money out of it...pls. i need immediate feedback...thanks-- pls do not sell defective units...