Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hot Air Balloon at Clark Field

I just like to show some photos of the hot air balloons last 15 February 2009 at Clark Airfield Pampanga.

The crowd marvelling at the various hot air balloons from different participating countries and companies. See the hot air balloon of Coke soda below which unfortunately did not flew very high that day.

The back of an elephant balloon beside a box balloon

 A "Tigger" look-a-like balloon, but I think its promoting a cereal food that time

A nice happy teeth face in bull cap balloon

Usually, the hot air balloon fest is held on middle of February each year for 4 days, touching the Valentines Day. Its a whole day activity, plenty of shows from everything that flies, from parachuting, skydiving, light airplane shows, rocketry demos, helicopter shows, etc. from sunrise to sundown. There are also airplanes, war tanks, helicopters, artillery, and guns on display where the public can ride, hold, and take photos. Entrance fee is usually Php 100. Some hot air balloons allow the public to ride if you know them, or if you pay a certain fee.

Make sure that you arrive early morning while its still dark to catch the hot air balloons before they leave where the wind will take them. Plenty of people, food booths, and parking space. I miss Aling Lucing's sisig, which usually maintains a food booth on the grounds. Bring  drinks in a cooler, mats, tent, or parasol (big umbrella) if you plan to stay the whole day. You can also go back if you're dining on outside restaurants or visiting duty-free shops.

How to get there:

Take the northbound highway (NLEX) then exit at Dau Exit then turn left on the way to San Fernando. This is the only choice for commuting public, where provincial buses usually stop, then catch a jeepney going to Clark.

To avoid heavy traffic, another alternative route is thru Angeles exit, then turn right at the road beside the Gaisano mall (?) until you reach the main national road. Turn right then make a short u-turn to Clark field. 

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  1. This year's Hot Ar Balloon Fiesta at Clark is from 10-13 February 2011. Who's coming?