Sunday, July 11, 2010

Motor Vehicle Clearance from HPG

I personally arranged my ride's registration and transfer of ownership last week. The LTO fixer who handled my previous car's registration and ownership transfer, now has "processing fee" of Php 2,500 without need of bringing the car to HPG for clearance and to LTO for registration. To avoid such under-the-table processing fee, and to support Pres. Noynoy's call to eradicate graft and corruption practices in Philippine government, I decided to handle such tasks even if it entails  more effort and using my vacation leave balance at the office.

Since Highway Patrol Group's (HPG) Muntinlupa office is the nearest to my place, I decided to bring my car there to get the PNP Motor Vehicle Clearance. It is one of the requirements on registering second-hand vehicles before the Land Transportation Office (LTO) revise the owner's details on the car's registration. They are supposed to verify if the car is not stolen or carnapped, before it can be registered to the new owner. HPG is formerly known as Traffic Management Group (TMG).

As I plan to finish early on the day's tasks, I arrived at HPG Muntinlupa inside the LTO compound at 7:50 am and I was the first applicant for the motor vehicle clearance. However, the HPG personnel who keeps the macro-etching certificate arrived only 2 hours later, so it was only then that the macro-etching and cross-checking of records was done, which only took 30 minutes. The HPG guy who came in 2 hours late apologized to all 3 of us applicants who have been waiting for him, though he didn't showed any remorse for his tardiness. Strike 1 for HPG.

Standard processing time of the vehicle clearance takes about 3 days after the application and paying Php 300 clearance fee at the nearest Landbank branch. The guy who received my application papers told me that if I want to get the vehicle clearance within that day, I should pay them P600 extra. If I don't want to travel to and from Landbank, I should add another Php 50, which are all non-negotiable. Since I don't want to file another VL in my office, and spend another day's effort and more gas/toll fee expenses, I reluctantly paid them Php 950 of which only Php 300 has official receipt. The same thing happened with the other 2 applicants when we compared our payments. Strike 2 for HPG.

What makes the whole HPG experience very disappointing is the Php 600 unrecorded facilitation fee (or bribe), which ends up directly on their pockets. If they could finish the whole process in less than a day or 30 minutes on my experience, why would they let their customers go back for their vehicle clearance after 3 days? Car owners are made into their cash cows with this rotten system which work for their favor. After looking at a phrase on their signboard that says "To serve and to protect", it makes me sad that corruption is deeply ingrained on their veins, and that such public servants seem to have lost their sense of purpose and integrity.       

I know that I am partly to blame for unethical practices, when I give bribes to make processing time faster, or to avoid a traffic violation ticket. But then, all of us could change for a better society, and I would do my part to minimize corruption by resisting to give bribes, and exposing such attempts.

Below are the requirements and steps in getting a motor vehicle clearance from HPG:
  1. Bring original and photocopies of the Certificate of Registration (CR), Official Receipt (OR), and notarized Deed of Sale.
  2. After parking your car at the HPG grounds, open the hood of your car to allow cooling of the engine prior to macro-etching of the engine number.
  3. Submit the photocopies of the 3 documents to HPG personnel who may check the original copies for verification.
  4. Applicant receives the request for clearance form, as basis for Php 300 payment to Landbank.
  5. Pay Php 300 to Landbank, then go back to HPG office to submit the request for clearance and Landbank receipt.
  6. HPG personnel will usually fill up the motor vehicle application form below after getting the information from the submitted documents, then will ask the applicant to sign it.
  7. A HPG crime lab personnel will perform the macro-etching of the engine and chassis numbers and will record the info on the 4 carbonless copies of the macro-etching certificate. Lending them a rag and/or a flashlight will hasten the process. Php 20 as tip is optional.
  8. HPG office will verify if the vehicle is not on their list of wanted or stolen vehicles. Will take them 15 minutes or more depending on the number of applicants.
  9. If there is no problem with your vehicle, HPG will release your motor vehicle clearance after 3 days (standard processing) or within the day (if you opt to pay bribe).
  10. The clearance is valid only within 7 days, so try to register your vehicle at your mother LTO branch within this period.
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  1. Thank you. I'm supposed to do exactly the same tomorrow.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks, But what is the exact address of HPG Munti. at Lanbank may malapit din?

  4. HPG and LTO Muntinlupa are on same compound along Tunasan old highway. From Susana Exit or Alabang, straight ahead going to San Pedro direction. You will see the LTO office on the right side after a Shell gas station before reaching SM Muntinlupa. Landbank is on the way to Alabang, from what the HPG guy mentioned.

  5. hi! pwede mo bang i-upload yung first page of your motor vehicle clearance certificate? Iba kasi yung document na inissue sa akin yesterday. Thanks...

  6. The second photo above shows the headers only of the 2 certificates. I cannot upload the certificate with all the details for security reasons. As long as you have the MVCC then that's fine.

  7. Is it possible that the vehicle be registered to any LTO office after you received the MVC?

  8. If you mean transferring of ownership with newly-issued MVCC, you must go to the mother LTO branch where the vehicle was first registered, like what I did. If the Cert. of Registration (CR) was already transferred under your name, then you can register to any LTO office by paying additional fee of Php 100 for change of venue.

  9. job well done sir..... you are really a good citizen for posting a good example on how to cut red tapes to minimize corruption.... hoping for the best to follow same...... more power to your site sir.


  10. sir,

    so what you did is actually change ownership... do you think the same process applies for change engine?

  11. I think the same process apply for change engine, to ensure that both the engine and chassis are not stolen. You just have to tickmark the box that says "change engine" instead of change in ownership.

  12. I just finished my transfer of ownership of my 2nd hand vehicle today which i bought a week earlier. After collecting all the required documents needed for the transfer (as posted on the LTO website), I followed exactly the guidelines posted here. So I went to LTO/HPG at Tunasan, the only difference now is that I paid Php 800 pesos to expedite the release of my PNP Motor Vehicle Clearance Certificate instead of the Php 600 posted here (nag increase na! hehe). The same tardiness I also observed by the HPG personnel at this office. Two hours late! Noelizm, you really described those quite accurately. Ganun na nga ba talaga sa government ang sistema? The next day, I went to LTO Manila West in Sampaloc, because the previous owner of my car had his OR originally registered there. As opposed to the post (Manila East), the office is literally overflowing with people. The culprit is that they have only one functioning computer. The personnel who checked our papers hinted to me that the boss who is going to sign the papers will be off early because of a meeting engagement and that the possibility that i'll be coming back tomorrow is quite imminent. So I figured that he is asking for "lagay". We ended up at Php 350 as “processing fee” to hasten things up. Included is the Php 100 supposedly for the lady seated in front at the only functional computer in the window who can readily encode you papers even if she has enormous sheets of documents at her desk. In less than an hour, my OR and CR was released.

  13. it really helps when someone like you spends time to share experience... especially for us first timers... job well done bro

  14. thanks for this information. i just bought a 2nd hand car and is really clueless on how to transfer the ownership = )

  15. what are the grounds for them to impound vehicles? My husband exchanged his house for a puj with my brother in law. The chasis was destroyed during my brother in laws care and he had it fixed by welding without notice to the lto. The chasis number was covered. And now that we need to obtain clearance to transfer ownership we can't get one and they are saying they will impound the puj. So I am wondering why. I don't know the real story because i let a fixer do it. I'm just wondrin why would they impound the puj when they did not caught these on the streets. The driver just took it to their office for clearance. Worst they are asking for 1000 so as not to impound the puj!

  16. where is the nearest HPG in Mandaluyong?

  17. Hi All,

    Just a quick Question, Can i get Motor Vehicle Clearance from HPG at any PNP-HPG office? i have a problem with the color of my car since i bought it with blue color and the OR says it should be gray.. i was able to register this car every year for 4 yrs without any problem but they say that LTO is now very strict so i need the clearance from PNP before i can register it again... need some help. thanks in advance.

  18. I will buy 2nd hand car in laguna, i want to transfer the registration and file to bulacan, ano po kailangang documents para mairehistro ko sa bulacan after buying it with deed of sales. thanks

    1. OR, CR, Deed of Sale, ID cards of seller are the documents you need. I don't think the original files can be transferred to another LTO branch though, but you can check with the mother branch.

  19. Hello po , kakabili ko lang ng pre-owned car sa Psbank w/ an "encumbered CR". It was registered originally in Region1 but from Tagaytay po ako. Pumunta po ako sa LTO-Tagaytay then they send a request of confirmation dun sa office ng R1. And for the Car Registration & Transfer of Ownership , sabi ng nag-assist sakin sa LTO-Tagaytay, I have to pay Php 2,400 for PNP Clearance at marami pa akong kelangan bayaran, 680 for the cancellation of (di ko alam kung anu yun) , & transfer of ownership, tapos Php 1,200 additional registration at iba pa . Umabot ang calculation nya hanggang Php 4,340.. It's only for the PNP Clearance, Transfer of Ownership, and Car Registration(renewal). Di ko alam kung tama yung calculation nya or it's just a CORRUPTION ! ( panloloko , pamemera , or pagnanakaw ) ! Kung sino po yung nakakaalam about this , pls. post an answer here. Thanks.

  20. Mga magkano po kaya gagastusin ko normally ? ( for transfer of ownersip , car registration from yr. 2015-2018, pnp clearance , at iba pa. ) salamat in advance

  21. 2 week na ang pag-apply ng clearance pero hanggang ngayon wala parin...