Monday, October 17, 2011

CHIC-BOY Restaurant in Central Mall

The name of the restaurant "Chic-Boy" seems cheap, no "class" or does not ring a bell. But we noticed that its almost full of customers at 11:30 am, so perhaps they are good. Hungry after grocery shopping at the newly-opened Central Mall in Binan City, we decided to give this new restaurant a try. By the way, their name came from combining two words -- chicken and "baboy", the latter a Filipino term for pig or pork. 

As we entered the restaurant, the ambience and menu reminded us of the Mang Inasal chain of grilled chicken restaurants. We ordered a half grilled chicken at Php 120, a grilled pork belly with unlimited rice at Php 99, an iced lemon tea and a sauteed kangkong (water spinach) in garlic both at Php 25 each. Guests can order 1 whole grilled chicken for only Php 210, which is a steal considering its Cebu-style taste, yet priced like Andok's chicken.

We were served with cold water and complimentary soups, even without asking for those items. The free soups are too spicy due to so many peppercorns used, and seem to have been cooked with shortcut soup mixes, not with bone stock which is understandable.

The grilled chicken and kangkong arrived after 5 minutes since the iced tea was served. The chicken was cooked just right, not overdone and seem to be marinated with fresh herbs. The kangkong is also good, especially if you're fond of garlic, a welcome change from cooking it with oyster sauce.

Then came the grilled liempo which is cooked only on a per order basis. After having high expectation from the first 2 dishes, this proved to be a disappointment. The meat is quite tough, and I have to ask for a steak knife, which was immediately given to me. Its dry and doesn't have much flavor, unless dipped in soy sauce with calamansi. Its only saving grace is the unlimited rice that comes with it. 

Wife told the service staff that they are very similar to Mang Inasal. The staff is quick to reply that they are different, especially with their quality of service. Well, we have to agree that their service is great. The iced tea and rice refills are offered from time to time, even without calling their attention. An alternative lechon sauce was also offered to us, and our excess chicken was wrapped for takeout with vinegar and lechon sauce in sachets.

I hope that their level of service, the quality of food, at their value-for-money price will be consistent. I hope that they would not be complacent, taking their customers for granted, just like other successful restaurants after a few years of operation. For now, we prefer this restaurant than the Mang Inasal branch across the street.

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