Monday, June 10, 2013

HK Day 1: Ngong Ping 360 via Cable Car

On last week of April 2013, my family and I went to Hong Kong. This is the Kids' first trip out of the country, so they are excited and impressed by what they have seen in HK. After dropping our luggage and quick lunch in TST, I decided to bring them to Ngong Ping 360, because we don't have enough time to maximize Disney or Ocean Park that day.

Upon arrival at HK airport, we bought octopus cards and 7 discounted tickets to NP 360, Disney, and Ocean Park on the China Travel Service booth. The round trip cable car to NP 360 cost HK$ 120/adult, while my two kids (age 11 or below) got discounted tickets. From TST, we rode the MTR with one transfer to take the Tung Chung line. 

We got off at Citygate, the last station of the line, then proceeded to the cable car terminal to exchange our CTS tickets. The cable car ride is already an attraction on itself, allowing us a bird's eye view of HK's western part. It is an enjoyable half hour ride.

Looking at the the shallow sea, some locals are fishing and perhaps collecting sea shells.

The giant Buddha on upper left of the photo below is our destination at the end of the cable car ride.

The gates that lead to the steps in ascending to the giant Buddha. There is no entrance fee, but some locals offers food and museum tour for gullible tourists.

About 2/3 of the long staircase, this is how far we've covered from the jump off point, despite the hot and humid weather.

The big images or Buddhist dieties seem to offer gifts to the giant Buddha.

A large group of Chinese people are going around the area while chanting prayers, led by a monk. Then they stopped on this part where they are shaded from the sun's hot rays.

After photo shoots and enjoying the 360-degree views, we started our descent. Back to the jump off point, we could just marvel at the flight of stairs to the giant Buddha. Twelve statues of Chinese soldiers dot the way, representing the Chinese mythical military figures.

Signpost that points the direction to the park's other attractions.

A map of the place.

Model cable cars from other countries like Germany, Switzerland, etc. are displayed along the way to cable car terminal.

We rested on the part of the park where some stores are selling refreshments and souvenirs. Despite being expensive, we bought ice cream and cold drinks to alleviate our body heat, as our water bottles were emptied.

There are NP 360 souvenirs sold at the shop in the terminal, but they are more expensive, as expected.

Next photos are the views on our way back to Citygate.

Back at the Citygate mall, we enjoyed shopping on the factory outlets. I was able to score a pair of discounted Timberland hiking shoes. We took our dinner at their Food Republic, before heading back to TST thru MTR again. Not bad for our first day in HK. :)

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