Friday, May 31, 2013

Tribu Mindanawan and Green Buffet Haus

On our first night in Davao, we watched the Tribu Mindanawan show beside the Crocodile Park. We arrived past 5 pm, so we were not able to watch the crocodile show. Good thing that we were not required to pay entrance or show fee of Tribu Mindanawan, as long as we dine at their Kaonanan Restaurant.

Visitors are welcomed by the female drummers who are also the fire dancers of the show. One or two members of our group danced to their rhythmic beats on the street, while some of us took photos and video of the fun event.

Unlike the show I watched two years ago, there is no moro ethnic dance that precedes the fire show. However, they added more dance routines and fire effects this time, so its very entertaining as expected. I just enjoyed the show, so I never took a photo or video of their performance. I only took a photo after their performance, while guests are having their photo-ops with the performers.

After the show, we looked for a table that could sit all 6 of us, then ordered food. While waiting for our orders, we watched the performers on the stage of the Kaonanan restaurant. After they sang English and ethnic songs, they also performed ethnic dances, even inviting the audience to dance on the stage.

We ordered chicken barbecue plus other viands. They are good and mostly reasonably priced. Our only disappointment is the very long waiting time for our food to be served. Perhaps they are short of staff, as we recognized some of their performers also serving the customers. See below their menu offering and prices.

While having dinner, some fire dancers are rehearsing their dance routines below.

On our second night in Davao, we dined at Penong's Grill near the San Pedro Cathedral. Food quality are mostly average. The only standout dish is their eggplant-onion salad.
The most value-for-money meal we experienced is lunch buffet in Green Haus, near the Apo View Hotel. When we arrived, a big group is also having their wedding reception on the restaurant, but luckily there is one remaining table for us.

For only Php 148 per person, we left with a full stomach for our last meal in Davao. At that price, we understand that the ingredients used are on the low spectrum (e.g. small shrimps, watered buko pandan, etc.). But I enjoyed the tuna soup, crispy shrimp, and other dishes simply because of the buffet price. A bottle of Coke costs less than Php 20. Many thanks to our birthday girl MT for the lunch treat! 

I'm sure that we only enjoyed the "tip" of what Davao City can offer in terms of food experience. Well, I hope that we could come back again to the city to satisfy our gastronomic desires, hehe.

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