Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hong Kong Day 3: Ocean Park

Our third day was spent in Ocean Park, with tickets that were purchased at HK$ 240 per adult in CTS.  From TST, we rode the Star Ferry to the Central Pier, which is faster and cheaper than riding the MTR. Then we waited about 15 minutes for the Bus # 629 to Ocean Park, paying HK$ 10.60 fare per person. The journey to Ocean Park via a double decker bus took half an hour.

After entering the park, we took some maps and checked the schedule of the shows. The first show we watched is the sea lion show, on the area with kiddie rides. Here, the sea lion performed antics like blowing bubbles, throwing trash on garbage bin, clapping, and loud barking.

While waiting for the bird show, the kids tried the various rides and games on the area.

At around 12:00 noon, we entered the bird show. I was expecting a show similar with the bird shows in Singapore and Davao, but its big disappointment. There was only 1 or 2 bird acts and thats it. The host asked the crowd if they would like to donate on their wildlife programs, which is a good initiative, but they could have shown a more entertaining bird show.

It was already lunch time, and we decided to take our meal at the mountainous area of the park. So we took the short train ride on our descent, where we watched some graphics or videos of aquatic life forms on the train’s ceiling.

We finally saw our chosen lunch venue near the OP Tower, after passing the sea otter aquariums. We ordered Chinese barbecue rice toppings and drinks for HK$ 350, which we shared among 4 adults and 2 kids. Later, we proceeded to the dolphin show, which I think is their best show among their offerings.

This show draws the largest crowd. First there are sea lions, then the dolphins take the center stage with their synchronized swims, and acrobatic moves.

Since we are already in the area, we fell in line with mostly mainland Chinese visitors on the OP Tower ride for almost an hour.

The 360 degree views on the OP Tower ride is great. We can see the nearby islands, some buildings, and the attractions at the park. 

Afterwards, we walked to the extreme rides area, where their roller coaster ride is aptly named as hair raiser. Not far from it is their arctic area, where its our first time to see different types of penguins up close.

It was chilling inside with mild fishy smell, but it was nice to see penguins move, swim, and do their signature walk.

After buying the penguin souvenirs, we rode the cable car to go down near the park entrance.

Situated near the entrance and main aquarium is their dancing fountain, which has a light and sound show at night.

We rode an escalator to enter the aquarium. As expected, there are plenty of sea creatures there like octopus, lionfish, jellyfish, seahorses, stingray, sharks, etc. 

We all became child again, just satisfying our curiosity on those amazing aquatic animals.

It was already past 7:00 pm when we left Ocean Park, riding the bus that will take us to Admiralty station, because the bus going back to Central Pier is up to 4:00 pm only. 

The park itself is good enough for first time visitors. But for second time visitors who are not into amusement rides like us, I don’t think I can get my money’s worth if ever I visit the place again.

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