Friday, June 14, 2013

Hong Kong Day 2: Disneyland Theme Park

Our second day in HK was spent in Disneyland. Same with NP 360 tickets, we bought our tickets from the CTS airport booth at HK$ 388/adult. After a noodle & dimsum breakfast in Carnavon St., we rode the MTR at Tsim Sha Tsui to Tung Chung line.

We transferred to Sunny Bay line of MTR. Here, the train seats are more comfortable with upholstered cushions. The windows and ring handles have the iconic Mickey Mouse shape as well.

Disneyland’s entrance photos.

We rode the Disney train first, then got off at the Fantasyland where we watched the PhilharMagic 4D show. There is a light drizzle, plus there are many people queuing at the rides, so we skipped the rides on this part. Then we walked to Tomorrowland where we rode the exhilarating Space Mountain ride.

After trying the Orbitron, we tried the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. The boys enjoyed this part, so we went back to it again and again, even at night before the fireworks.

Lunch was taken at this area, where we’ve had the chicken set meals. Note the shape of the rice on the photo below.

After lunch, my companions rode the cars in Autopia, while I checked the schedule of the shows and attractions.


We transferred to Adventureland to see the Treehouse and some more photo shoots.

The Jungle River Cruise is interesting enough with the funny script of the guide, along with the mechanical animals and fire-water effects.

We went back to main street to catch the parade of Disney characters. Since it has been raining, they rode on open trailers. I was able to record it on video, but the file is too big to upload here. The crowd are huddled like in the photo below.

After taking group photos with the castle on the background, we went back to Adventureland to see the Lion King show. The show is less than 30 minutes, which is very good and should not be missed as well.

Then we walked to see the Grizzly Gulch roller coaster, which seems a to be a scary ride. When we saw this kiosk, we just cannot resist their appetizing grilled dried squid on offer.

Next is a trip to Toy Storyland with Woody near the entrance.

We are afraid to try the RC Racer, so we settled on the Slinky Dog Spin, despite the long queue.

The rides on this area closes early, like at 6:30 pm. We only realized this when we are disallowed to queue at the Parachute Drop.

It was already getting dark when we went to Its A Small World castle boat ride.

The ride features the attractions, animals, and customs on all the continents and popular countries. The small kids will surely enjoy the music, the figures, and the lightings.

The Philippine’s nipa hut, costume and tarsier was featured there. Then at the exit, various translations of goodbye, including “Paalam” in Filipino can be seen.

The last highlight of the Disneyland experience is the fireworks. See the castle as the lights change into different colors.

Its a sound-light-fireworks show lasting for at least 10 minutes. Their choreographed fireworks is the longest I’ve seen. Its really enjoyable, like seeing the introduction of Disney movies for real.

Some photos of Disney entrance area at night.

Then its back to the Sunny Bay station of MTR.

Even if we were not able to try all the rides and attractions of Disneyland, I can say that the total experience is all worth the time and money spent on the theme park.

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