Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sensations Spa in Pulilan, Bulacan

I dropped my wife at SM Baliwag last Monday to meet her high school batchmates. While waiting for her and the rest of our group on their shopping, I decided to get a relaxing massage. I've thought about the spa in the NE supermarket compound nearby, but I remember their rates to be quite expensive. So I decided to try the Sensations Spa in Pulilan, beside the Max's Restaurant near the highway's major intersection. Taking a 12-minute jeepney ride to the site, I left the car at SM's parking lot, where parking space is a prime commodity on a weekend.

The spa is located on the second floor of a 2-storey building, where the first floor is obviously having renovations. The entrance is at the back, and I have to go around the balcony to see their entrance door facing the road. Upon opening the door, the comfortable lounge area above is a bit of a surprise, something I don't expect to a spa located in the area.

I was immediately welcomed by the receptionist at the desk and offered me a seat while she explained the types of therapies they have. As a first time visitor, she asked me to fill out a guest information form with questions asking about medical history (heart problem, allergies, etc.). I asked for a Thai massage, but they don't have any so I settled for a shiatsu massage for 1 hour at Php 360. See below their therapy rates: 

My room with own airconditioning, a bit small but clean. The massage bed has a hole for lying face down in the bed. A pair of shorts and a towel were provided for guests' use.   

The massage given to me included some stretching, and less of pressure pointing, which I don't expect on shiatsu. Perhaps the attendant modified it a bit since I initially inquired for Thai massage. I rate the massage at 7.5 out of 10 being the highest. The attendant assigned to me could still improve on the pressure points. After the massage, the attendant offered me a coffee, tea, or water, which I declined as I'm in a hurry.

The washroom is also clean and has proper amenities. Outside the washroom is a cabinet where they keep fresh supplies of linens.

The receptionist gave me a privilege card after I gave my payment. She also informed me that I can do free IDD calls to US, Japan, and Canada on their landline as part of their massage freebies, but I don't have the need to take their offer. Overall, I rate the spa at 8.5 out of 10, for the facilities, amenities, and friendly service. As I waited for a jeepney ride back to the mall, the Christmas lights store display across the road kept me from getting impatient.

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