Monday, November 21, 2011

Emperor Spa in Binondo, Manila

With a full stomach yet tired and aching legs from previous day’s mountain climb, I continued on my walking tour of Binondo. This time, I was in the hunt for an inexpensive yet good massage. A helpful pedicab driver referred me to Emperor Spa along Soler Street, not far from 168 mall where Wife is doing some Christmas shopping.

Arriving at past 11:00 am in the spa, I was able to avail their early bird 20% discount from their regular Php 500 massage fee. If getting the services of their foreign expert (Chinese masseuse), I think the massage fee is Php 650. The lady at the counter gave me a key for my assigned locker, and instructed a staff to show me their locker and communal shower room at the second floor.

There are separate locker and shower rooms for men and women. Facilities look old, and it shows that their occupied floors were just converted into a spa. But at the price they are charging for their location and quality of massage, it is very reasonable. I guess I was the only non-Chinese among their clients that morning. I took a brief shower before donning their provided massage shorts and kimono robe.

Later, I proceeded to the massage cubicles at the third floor, where conversations in other cubicles can be easily heard. The local masseuse gave me a very nice massage, one of the best and most skillful I’ve had so far. Its mostly shiatsu style with some stretchings, relaxing my aching hips and legs.

Using efficascent oil during the massage, the resulting heat provided additional comfort. She finished the massage with hot towel, which she also used to remove the oil residues.

I would definitely go back to this spa if I find myself at this area.

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  1. Do you know if they have xtra service and can i get the number so i can ask if they have that kind of style..tnx..

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  3. do they have extra service here?