Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hong Kong Space Museum

I have always been curious to see what is inside the big spherical building below which is visible from my hotel along Salisbury Road in TST District of Hong Kong. I found out later that it is the Hong Kong's Space Museum, sandwiched by the HK Convention Center and Museum of Arts.

After office on a Wednesday evening, I decided to visit the HK Space Museum on foot, using the MTR's underground walkways. I looked at the posters of their current film shows in Omnimax dome theater, although I don't want to waste my time on their film shows.

I entered their circular exhibit area, showing mankind's early attempts of studying the sky, the celestial bodies, and the universe. There are photos and ancient tools like below.

A gyroscope which is a notable invention to aid for horizontal equilibrium in flights.

Scale models of rockets and space shuttle.
A sample of space suit, rotating in its glass capsule.

A moonwalk simulator for visitors who like to feel how to walk in the moon at 1/6th of Earth's gravity.

A paragliding simulator, with Grand Canyon's video to match how you steer the paraglider. I tried it, and its hard to get the correct bearings!

A replica of what's inside a space station's control room.

An intimidating hand dryer on the exhibition's washroom. I was hesitant at first to put my hand in between the panels, for fear that it might electrocute or squeeze my wet hands, hehe.

Here's a tip:

Like most HK museums, see the Space Museum on Wednesdays to save HK$ 10 on gate fees of their exhibit area. 

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  1. thannks for the review. is it worth the time?

  2. If you like sci-fi or astronomy matters, then its really worth it. If you just like to kill time without spending much, this place is good enough.