Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sam Tung Uk Museum in Hong Kong

About 200m from Tsuen Wan station of MTR is the Sam Tung Uk Museum. I was planning to check a shop on this end of Tsuen Wan line one afternoon. But when I saw a this direction of museum within the MTR station, I decided to see it first to maximize my visit in this HK area, although its outside of the tourism radar.

The museum showcases the Tsuen Wan community from the 1920s, their way of life, and the various industries that thrived on the area. Above is the entrance of the museum, without any fee. I saw a batch of students also entering the museum, perhaps as part of their school curriculum.

A stone mortar used by villagers in early times.

Various tools and equipment of an agricultural-based community

Old copper plates used in printing the packaging materials of their preserved food industry

A replica of food products that are quite unique on the area. This one is a type of dumpling called "chicken manure creeper" because of its looks, but its not made of chicken manure. :)

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