Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City

After watching the Panagbenga's flower float parade, we went to Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in Loakan Road prior to having our lunch in Camp John Hay. Out of my estimated 8 trips to Baguio, I think this is only the second time that I've been to PMA's fort camp, named after the young Gen. Gregorio del Pilar of the famous Tirad Pass during our forefathers' war with the American colonizers. 

We are not familiar with Baguio's roads. Good thing that Wife's iPhone has Google GPS, allowing us to navigate Baguio even when we have to avoid roads with heavy vehicular traffic. Visitors will be asked to park on the side of the road entrance before the entrance personnel will get the driver's license.

Our first stop inside the camp is where they have the tanks and artilleries on display. There are many artilleries on display, most of which are used during World War II.

Battle tanks and armored vehicles which have seen better days before the onset of more sophisticated war machines.

A monument facing the forked road within the tanks' grounds.

We stopped by the souvenir shops to do bladder breaks and see some souvenirs. Since we are too hungry, we never bothered to explore the drill grounds and other areas of the camp. Our last photo-op area is the shaku circle, named after the ceremonial hat worn by the cadets.

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