Thursday, March 10, 2011

Panagbenga Streetdance & Boats at Burnham

Saturday prior to the parade of flower floats is the street dance participated by various schools in Mountain Province. Below are some photos of the few we have seen.

Below are some of the street dancers in authentic g-string costumes.

A girl participant while waiting for the signal to resume their dance
Some tourists using the breaks for photo ops

This is where some people proceeded to rest and see some activities on the grandstand. Of course, street vendors and businessmen also abound to maximize earnings with the large crowd of people, like the balloon vendor.
For us, we ended up in the lake of Burnham Park to ride the boats. People are lined up on the various boat stations, and we have to wait for at least 30 minutes to get our turn. See the different boat designs.

We took the 15-seater boat for 12 of us. Rental is Php 150 for 30 minutes, plus Php 30 for the boatman since we are not experienced rowers. Many boats collide harmlessly because of so many boats with lots of newbie rowers. Smaller boats for 4 to 8 people costs less.

There are no life jackets provided, since the lake is between 3-4 feet only according to the boat operators. The water is unclear but seems not polluted as I saw a few fishes swimming to the surface.

After the boat ride, we proceeded to the nearby restaurant recommended by our boatman.

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