Monday, March 21, 2011

Hong Kong Bus, MTR, Shops & Streets

Hong Kong is a very modern and efficient city compared with Manila. Most buses have double decker design for bigger capacity. They accept coin payments (exact fare, no change) and their admirable Octopus card system here.

The city is easy to navigate with their street signages, especially for tourist areas, like below.

Staying in Hong Kong even for tourists would not be complete without using their urban subway system called MTR. Its fast and cost-efficient than bus or cabs. This is where their Octopus card system started, before they expanded into buses, ferries, shops, and restaurants such as 7-11, Wellcome, McDonalds, Cafe de Coral, etc. 

Some common MTR scenes are as follows, clockwise from the left. MTR entrances from streets, escalators, and ticket-dispensing machines.

MTR's single-ticket dispenser in close-up view. Just press your destination, then the amount to be paid will be shown on the screen. If staying in HK for at least 3 days, buying an octopus card for an initial HK$ 150 investment is recommended for convenience.

A Coke soda dispenser

I was surprised to see this umbrella dispenser in Tsuen Wan station with a video to promote their umbrella. Very convenient in case of sudden downpours.

Some of the shops I visited are Harbour City, aside from Sogo, iSquare, Silvercord, and Citygate.

A shop along Hankow Road selling dried seafoods and other Chinese products for tourists.

Computer and game console shops in Sham Shui Po is a mecca for techie persons. I was not able to resist buying computer accessories, iPhone chargers, and a netbook due to at least 20% lower price difference than in Manila.

The views from my room at TST for a week, covering the Nathan, Middle, and Salisbury roads.

A tunnel we passed from HK airport to the city proper

If you want to see my blog about our last year's HK experience, click here.

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  1. hi, wen k po nagpahongkong? we are planning to go to hk, i just want to know if u go there already based on this entry, wish to know ur itinerary or wer we can have affordable hotel for 2 thanks :) did u do walk in or call them while here in phil?

  2. Last week was my second time on HK, this time with business as main purpose of visit. Last year was a leisure trip but we skipped Disney & Ocean Park since our kids are not with us.

    Usual sights or places to see in HK are the following:

    1. The Peak (includes M. Tassaud's Wax Museum)
    2. Ocean Park
    3. Disneyland
    4. TST Waterfront (Avenue of Stars & Symphony of Lights at 8 pm daily)
    5. Tsim Sha Tsui District
    6. Causeway Bay District
    7. Mongkok District (Ladies Market, tiangges)
    8. Ngong Ping Village (Giant Buddha)
    9. Central and Sheung Wan
    10. Stanley/Aberdeen (Jumbo Floating Restaurant)
    11. Nan Lian Gardens and Chilin Nunnery (Diamond Hill MTR Station)
    12. Wong Tai Sin Temple (Wong Tai Sin MTR Station)
    13. Kowloon City and Kowloon Walled City Park (Accessible by Bus or Taxi only)
    14. Lan Kwai Fong and Midlevels (Central)
    15. Victoria and Hong Kong Park
    16. Noon-day Gun (In front of Excelsior Hotel, Causeway Bay)
    17. Seafood/Outdoor Trip to Lamma Island, Lei Yue Mun or Sai Kung
    18. Museums (HK History, Space, and Science Museums) Free gallery visits on Wednesdays.
    19. Shatin (New Town Plaza, Snoopy Land and 10,000 Buddha Temple)
    20. Outlying Islands (Lamma, Lantau, Peng Chau, etc)

    To see which area will be of interest to you, google the HK tourism website.

    My stays in HK are all company-sponsored at Peninsula Hong Kong, so I can't help you with affordable hotels. I suggest you visit for helpful tips on hotels, food, etc.

    Enjoy Hong Kong!

    Toh Tse (Thanks)

  3. thanks, will do all suggestions :) do you have link of your first HK visit? i like your blog because of very detailed. anyway your kota kinabalu trip will be our guide as well :)

  4. I posted the link of last year's HK blog on the last part of this post. You can also see it on 2010 --> month of May posts. Thanks.

  5. Hi! Nice blog.. We've been to Hong Kong as well and we love their octopus cards! Keep it up! :)