Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Second Dayhike to Mt. Kalisungan

I miss hiking! So despite the busy work and social life, I was able to insert a dayhike in Mt. Kalisungan with my eldest son and nephew last month. This time, we did it DIY to avoid the P400 guide fee.

After registering at the Brgy. Lamot hall, I parked our vehicle in front of Mang Gideon's house, where we've also had our pancit snack and post-hike shower. Even the local guide suggested for me to park elsewhere, because of previous car-vandalizing complaints in the barangay hall, like what we've experienced before.

Just as we got past the Fields of Faith area, it rained hard. Good thing that we are prepared and it did not lasted long. But since it has been raining almost everyday, the trail is very very muddy and slippery. In fact, all of us have slipped during our descent. :)

The best thing when hiking in Mt. Kalisungan on this period is the presence of many local fruits. There are dalandan, lanzones, and rambutan available as trail food.

The summit is foggy most of the time when we arrived. At first it was sunny, then replaced by fog and slight drizzle.

San Pablo and Laguna lakes are not totally visible with this weather. Mounts Cristobal and Banahaw are covered by clouds.

So we just had a short snack break in the summit, then descended after 30 minutes. 

We met 2 group of hikers on their way up, doing a traverse to the neighboring Mt. Atimla. Below is a photo of clustered fungi along the trail.

Then we feasted on dalandan and rambutan fruits as we got near the jump off point. Its such a waste to see them just falling on the ground. We might have also tried the lanzones, if we could only climb those high trees.

To see a more detailed account of Mt. Kalisungan dayhike we did before, click here.
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  1. Been there...pero wala pang bunga ang rambutan..

  2. Hi, Soul. Next time, punta kayo ng September onwards to enjoy the fruits along the trail. :)

  3. Napakaganda! Ang daming fruits. Makakalabag tayo nito sa LNT principles! Hahaha. Take nothing but fruits on the trail..

    1. Agree, this is my second time to violate the LNT principle. Pero sayang talaga kung walang kakain ng mga nabubulok na prutas. :)