Friday, October 11, 2013

IsKarGu Restaurant in Calauan, Laguna

After our second dayhike in Mt. Kalisungan in Calauan/San Pablo area, we went to Kamayan sa Palaisdaan restaurant in Bay, Laguna. But they have so many customers, that even just calling the attention of waiters takes too long, so we decided to leave and try another restaurant.

From the Duck Junction of Victoria, we've seen this quaint restaurant along the highway, named Iskargu. It is actually an acronym for Isda (fish), Karne (meat), and Gulay (vegetable). I saw many vehicles parked on its frontage, so I think they must have been serving good food.

Parking area is separated by tightly-spaced small palm trees. Anyway, they have a courteous guard who assists customers as they park from the busy highway.

The restaurant is more like a turo-turo carinderia, where customers can pick for their chosen cooked food on the counter. They also have bulalo and other dishes not displayed, which the counter salespersons would offer.

The dining area is very simple, typical of carinderia with mantel table covers. Washrooms are very basic, no tiles, yet clean.

We ordered many food items for three of us, and they are cheap but good:

Grilled tilapia (est. half kilo size)      P 130
Adobong pato (duck stew)                    80
Pinapaitan (offals in sour soup)       2 x 60
Steamed rice                                 4 x 10
Guinataang bilo-bilo dessert                 50
Softdrink 1.25 Lt bottle                         55      

Total                                                 P 475

The grilled tilapia is good, but there is a slight taste of "gilik", or that lakewater taste.

For my 2 teenage boys, I was surprised that they like the duck stew. But for me its so-so, as I find it sweet for an adobo dish. I would have preferred it with more vinegar and garlic taste.

The two pinapaitan soups came in generous servings, enough to satisfy 4 persons. They are also good, yet I prefer a more sour and spicy soup.

The guinataang bilo-bilo (ground rice balls and banana in thick coconut milk) is very good. Steamed rice is served per cup, which are wrapped on banana leaves. 

It was a nice find, good food without breaking the bank. There is bonus view here of Mt. Kalisungan, which we had climbed a few hours ago. I would definitely be back there, as a cheaper alternative than Kamayan and Isdaan restaurants. 

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