Friday, July 12, 2013

Hong Kong Food Trip 2013

On my two trips to Hong Kong last April and May this year, I was able to try many other restaurants that I missed during my previous visits in the former British colony. Here are their brief reviews:

A Chinese Restaurant in Carnarvon Road

In search of a good Chinese restaurant for breakfast in Carnarvon Road, our family stumbled on this old and simple restaurant in upper Carnarvon Road, near the corner of Cameron Road. It has no English name on its small entrance, but the roast meats on display and the presence of many HK locals inside made us try it. That decision proved to be a good one.

We ordered many types of dimsum, noodles in broth, and rice with barbecued duck topping. Their food on above photo are delicious, even the kids enjoyed them all. Their menu prices are cheaper than the more upscale restaurant beside Golden Crown Guesthouse, on the other end of the same street. This is a nice find for an authentic yet cheap Chinese food in TST.

Delicious Kitchen

I have read good reviews of Delicious Kitchen from other blogs. So when our family of seven people was looking for a dinner place in TST, I thought of going to their branch in Ashley Road. The dining area is small yet there are many customers. Aside from their house specialty of pork rib rice, we also ordered other dishes. 

My verdict? Their food are just average, and their pork rib dish is overrated. Service is good though, and the staff could speak in English. But when our bill came, I was surprised on the 10% service charge and the teas were also charged, even if only two of us touched our teas.

Yoshinoya Restaurant

From Yesinn Hostel in Fortress Hill where I stayed for 2 nights, there is a Yoshinoya restaurant on the way to the MTR station. Their menu is more varied than their counterparts in Manila. I ordered their western style breakfast below that costs HK$ 21.50.

The food I got was bland for my taste. I could have enjoyed a better breakfast, if I also ordered the noodle soup that seems popular to their early diners.

Super Star Restaurant

One lunch time, I was able to try the branch of Super Star Restaurant in Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon. The place is almost full, a sign that its a popular restaurant chain in Hong Kong.

Their food and service does not disappoint. Being a Chinese food lover, I find all their food delicious, on this lauriat lunch. There are many choices of dips on the food that somehow confused me. This is where I learned the custom of placing the teapot cover on the side of the top hole, if you want it to be refilled. Their taro dish above look like fat chicks.  

Harmony Restaurant

After my stay in Fortress Hill, I transferred to Island Pacific Hotel for 3 nights of solo stay again. Its situated on the western part of HK island, about 15-minutes walk past the Sheung Wan terminal of MTR. On my way to MTR, I saw Harmony Restaurant which is hard to miss on the corner of Wing Lok and Morrison streets, after passing the smelly shops of dried seafoods.

I tried their beef noodle with toasted bread and coffee at HK$ 35. Service is fast, as lots of customer come and go on their tables. The taste of the noodle dish is just average, but its better than my Yoshinoya breakfast.

Hainan Restaurant

On my way back to the Island Pacific one night, I tried the Hainan Restaurant along Connaught Road West, near the MTR Sheung Wan station. I ordered a garoupa fillet dish at HK$ 72 with a plum tea cold drink. It may be my most expensive meal in HK, but its also my disappointing meal so far. Perhaps, I just don't know their specialties which I should have ordered.

Restaurants in Centre St. (Des Voeux Road West)

Just across my hotel in Centre St. is a row of restaurants. Some have no English name or menu. There's a dimsum joint which is always packed of local people, but the staff can't understand English. So I settled on its neighbor who served me their noodles with barbecued pork below.

Their food is average and affordable at HK$ 20 with coffee. They only have 4 or 6 small tables, and service is fast.

Opposite this roast meat food joint is a bigger and more upscale San Yo restaurant. For dinner, I tried their fish fillet with brocolli leaves and rice below. Its quite expensive at HK$ 48, but reasonable enough as it is delicious. Like the usual serving size on free standing restaurants in HK, their rice serving is generous and hard to finish.

My last breakfast on the area is on Tsui Yuen restaurant on the same side as the roast meat food joint. I ordered their pasta in tomato soup below, with a bread bun and coffee. The soup is tasty but there is no meat, all pasta. The meal costed me HK$ 28.

Cafe de Coral

When in HK, I never fail to dine at Cafe de Coral branches. This is their fast food restaurant which serves Chinese and some Western dishes. Service is fast, taste is consistent, and available in many locations. Its just unfortunate that they don't serve roast meat dishes in all their branches.

My favorite in Cafe de Coral is their barbecued pork and roast duck, or their combination like in the photo above, that costs HK$ 37 with cold drink.

I got treated to Victoria City Dimsum restaurant in Wan Chai district. Food is also great, yet I assume pricey, because of the location and ambience. There is also a popular Chinese restaurant on that district that has a buffet section on the right side, and a fine dining section on the left side after going up the second floor. I was just shy to take photos in front of our hosts during those times, hehe.

Aside from the sights and weather, the food experience in HK makes it one of my favorite cities.

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  1. wow, food trip to the max! craving for chinese foods now... ;)


    1. Hi, Tal. You can go to Binondo to get your fix of Chinese food. Not the same as HK taste, but good enough. Thanks for the visit.