Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Food Experience in Bangkok, May 2013

Part of any travel experience is also trying the food options in the place that we visit. Below are some of the nice food experience I've had in Bangkok recently.

KFC's Fried Chicken Fillet

When outside of my locality, I avoid the international fast food chains. This time, I made an exception, just to see what is the difference of the KFC menu in Bangkok against what we get in Manila. Well, their chicken fillet meal on the first photo shows how fiery hot it is. Yet its quite healthier as the side veggies offset the fats from the fried chicken.
S&P Restaurant in Pantip Plaza

This simple coffee shop on the ground floor of Pantip Electronic Plaza is a good find. I ordered this sauteed seafood and veggie dish which is very good. It has lots of squid, prawns, fish, and mushroom in it, at very reasonable price.

Mango desserts are also their specialty, so I tried this mango ice cream with mango bits and cream. It proved to be a worthy dessert to finish the meal.

MK Restaurant Chain

If you like a Thai-Chinese food combination, try the MK restaurants. Their hotpot dishes seem popular, though I was not able to try it since I was dining alone. I've had their Chinese barbecued duck which is good enough, while their mango ice cream is better than S&P's. 

The restaurant's ambience near their Central World branch attracts the young crowd, and their food servers look like working college students. I just accidentally deleted the photos of the food I tried on the place. 

Home-Cooked Fish Dish 

I was finally able to try a home-cooked food in Thailand, thanks to my Thai colleague Khun Ompthip. She brought this lunch dish cooked from a riverfish and coconut milk. The fish texture has that semi-rubbery toughness, which seemed like a pork meat. The delicious taste of the dish (its hard to remember its name), reminds me of bicol express.

Company Cafeteria

On the company cafeteria where I was assigned, I usually get to taste very spicy food. They either taste sour like our sinigang dishes, or with coconut milk. So in terms of food, I don't miss much the Filipino dishes, especially when I also got to eat their fried tilapia.

But when we talk of desserts, Thailand seems to have more variety to offer. Here's one very good dessert in coconut milk, with beans and tapioca or sago.

Hotel Breakfast

For breakfast, I usually get this coconut & banana danish pastry, from the hotel's buffet offerings. It is very good, a localized version of the usual danish pastry with peach or other western fruits.

Sala or Snake Fruit

This is a new fruit experience for me. I found this sala fruit being sold alongside the rambutan. It has that very strong smell, so its hard to hide it when ripe. I find its taste and odor similar to the marang fruit.

I'm looking forward to our trip in Chiang Mai next year, to taste their regional food on that northern part of Thailand.

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