Thursday, July 11, 2013

HOFEX May 2013 Event in Hong Kong

A week after bringing my family in Hong Kong, I came back to this beautiful city, this time on business. My company sent me to attend a company meeting, then meet exhibitors and see the hospitality products on the HOFEX event.

From TST, we rode the Star Ferry to cross to Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). It is faster and cheaper than taking the MTR, plus less walking effort too. The giant rubber ducky is still floating on the Kowloon harbor, as we got to the pier.

We were given a visitor card on lanyard, and wore it for the three days we went to the exhibit. Its a really big event, occupying 3 floors and 13 halls of HKCEC. It attracted 1,900 manufacturers, distributors, and traders of various hotel and restaurant equipment, food, beverages, etc. from many countries. Its a pity that Philippines is represented by 3 or 4 booths that has boring products and displays.

The exhibitors don't allow photos to be taken, to avoid their products by being copied by other people, particularly Chinese manufacturers. So I'll just show some photos I took on the displayed entries from their chocolate, sugar, and bread sculptures.

Topmost photo shows a complex and extensive bread sculpture, which looks like mini floats on a parade. Below is a sugar sculpture of a house.

Next is a chocolate sculpture of a bonsai plant, then a bread sculpture of a peacock, and a sugar sculpture.

Breaking from the usual fairy and nature themes, is the left chocolate sculpture of an automatic rifle that sits on casino table. Middle photo is a Disney-themed sculpture, while the right photo has nature theme.

It is very tiring to walk the whole day on the event. Here's a late afternoon view of the Victoria Harbor from HKCEC.

I hope to see the same exhibits in Singapore and Shanghai next time, hehe.

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