Monday, April 23, 2012

Coron's Kayangan Lake & Twin Lagoon

For the second tour day in Coron, I availed the Coron Ultimate Island Tour for Php 650 with Coron Galeri. This time, there were only 6 of us tourists in a smaller boat, including two of us Filipinos in the group.

The waves are strong, but good thing that our destination is less than 30-minutes away from the port. When we reached the waters that are covered by the island group, the sea became calm. The bluish gray rocky group of islands on the photo above is our destination for the day.

We hiked for less than 15 minutes to reach Coron's famous site below. I guess its the most photographed and the signature photo of Coron. There were many tourists on this site, so we have to wait a few minutes for our turn to get pictures, with the view below serving as nice backdrop.

Behind the cliff overlooking the sea is a shallow cave which also provides good background for photo ops.

Later, we descended to the Kayangan lake itself, and took a dip on its calm, less salty, and clear waters. There are a few fishes and shrimps swimming at the lake, but there are no coral formation. There are also some caves underneath the water.

Then we had a short snorkeling activity on Twin Peaks reef prior to lunch. Unfortunately, my underwater digicam is inoperable, so I was not able to take photos.

On our way to our lunch site, we passed some beautiful rock formations and islets.

Lunch is in Atwayan beach, also with fine white sand.

Another short snorkeling activity followed after a heavy lunch to burn those calories, hehe.

Next site is the CYC island with strong waves as two sea currents meet at this island. Nothing spectacular on this island, so you can skip this. I did not even bothered to take a photo.

Last site is the Twin Lagoon, with very serene yet deeper water. It was high tide when we arrived, so it is harder to enter the inner lake through an underwater hole that runs between the two lakes.

There are also fishes here and minimal coral formation, but the deep greenish water make it harder to see its bottom. There is thermal vent on the inner lake, meaning there is hot spring that makes the cold water on some parts to become warmer.

Good thing that I chose to do the Coron island loop tour that day, since the tourists who tried going to Malcapuya island have to turn back because of the very strong waves at the open sea.

In case you prefer arranging a boat for your DIY island tours, below are their standard boat rental rates:

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  1. Hi :) I would like to ask permission to use/upload your photos on our Facebook page at We are a boat rental and island hopping tour services company in Coron and we would like to upload your photo to share to other people the beauty of Coron! Of course, proper credit will be given. :)

    - Denise

    1. Hi, Denise.

      If you will use the above photos only on your Facebook page, I think that's fine with me.