Thursday, April 26, 2012

BPI - Pizza Hut Promo, 18 April - 31 Aug 2012

If you are looking for latest Sept.-Nov. 2012 promo of BPI credit cards, click here.  
After more than 2 months of waiting, BPI reintroduces their promo with Pizza Hut group, namely -- Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen, and Taco Bell.

Promo period is from 18 April until 15 July 31 August 2012. Redemption period is until 13 September 30 October 2012, as they extended the promo. Below are the product entitlements after meeting the minimum purchase requirements.

For every Php 2,000 single receipt, only 1 choice from the ff:

1 Pizza Hut Personal Pizza or 1 Spaghetti Bolognese w/o meatball
2 Dairy Queen Dilly Bars or 2 DQ 5oz Cones
2 Taco Bell Afforda-Bells

For every Php 6,000 single receipt, only 1 choice from the ff:

1 Pizza Hut Regular Pan Pizza or 2 Spaghetti Bolognese Meatballs
5 Dairy Queen Dilly Bars or 5 DQ 5oz Cones
5 Taco Bell Afforda-Bells

For every Php 12,000 single receipt, only 1 choice from the ff:

1 Pizza Hut Family Pizza or 1 Family Spaghetti Bolognese Meatballs
10 DQ Dilly Bars or 10 DQ 5oz Cones or 5 regular DQ 9 oz. blizzard
3 Taco Bell Fiesta Platters or 3 Grilled Stuffed Burritos

Valid only for dine-in and take-outs. For more details, see BPI's posters and fliers for this promo.

Logos and photos above are copied from the respective companies' websites.
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  1. Thanks for sharing Noel! It's been a long time since BPI credit cards had a promo like this. I just browsed the BPIexpressonline / mybpimag websites and this isn't even mentioned.

  2. Okey ang promo but yun sa dairy queen mahirap I take out at walang container na may ice.

  3. This are only applicable to Credit Card, why is it that EPS of ATM are not included? Too bad... might as well use my other card like Metrobank and Citibank card...Last years promo of Jollibee and Chowking are included... why the sudden change..

  4. Hi Noelizm,
    Are EPS transactions really not included?

  5. As confirmed by the 3rd commentor, EPS transactions are excluded from the promo.

    Btw, I just learned that the above promo is extended until 31 August 2012, while redemption is until 30 October 2012.

  6. why is it that in sm naga there is no choices, they are only offering pizza. They said that the choices is applicable only in manila not in provinces.

  7. Thanks for sharing this! mas masusulit talaga natin mga credit card natin kapag may mga promo na ganito. Thanks BPI!

  8. ganda nga ng promo ng BPI, ang pangit naman ng service ng pizza hut dito sa sm davao. ang taray ng manager, porke siguro free yung kinain naming pizza, eh ganun na lang syang mag-trato sa amin. bad service!!!

  9. The promo items are free for BPI credit cardholders with applicable charge slips. BUT the items are being paid by BPI to the restaurants they tied up with, although at slightly lower price.

    So any charge slips redeemed to these restaurants gives them sales or revenues, and all customers should still be treated well, no favoritism. You may send your complaint to the top management of Pizza Hut, with the details of your bad experience with their manager at SM Davao. Pizza Hut is owned by the Aranetas, and their corporate office is in Cubao, Q.C.

  10. Wish k include n nla ung EPS kv last pwed naman... Sad naman kming mga bpi debit card holders...

  11. SHeet nmn wala man lang pa abiso....knina lang sa dyaryo ko nkita ito....bwisit tinapon ko na mga charge slips ibang credit card na lang gmitin ko AYAW nmn yta ng BPI ipa alam ito....BOOOWEESHEET..salamat na din at may Extension...pwede pa rin...

  12. one time, nung goldilocks ang promo ng bpi, nakabukang polvoron ang ibinigay s akin. syempre, pnapalitan ko at sinabing dahil b free, khit ano n lang hitsura ng ibibigay nila??? wag ganun, goldilocks, petron in makati avenue, cor. gil puyat. bpi, be concerned po sana ng mga ganitong ka-link s negosyo. thanks a lot. lulu

  13. Sa Pizza Hut Pavillion Mall in Binan, walang garlic bread yung spaghetti. Promo daw kasi. Samantalang sa SM Calamba meron naman. Paiba-iba sila ng terms. Paging BPI...

  14. wala n promo for september? sayang naman yung purchase ko last nite :((

  15. They have a new promo. Just click the "here" link on the top of this post, or see my post on 13 Sept. 2012.

  16. Question lang: Why cant we use our online purchases eg, PAL ticket? We have the receipt and we will pay the same manner our credits. I think this is unfair BPI.I only use my credit card for big payments like getting an airfare thru the internet.


  17. I guess the credit card issuer will have problems in the control of charge slips from online purchases. Users can print as many copies as they want.

    Unlike the small charge slips from traditional shopping, there is only one customer copy. Even merchant or duplicate copies are not accepted by participating restaurants.