Thursday, September 13, 2012

BPI-Chowking Promo, 12 Sept - 15 Nov. 2012

So after the BPI credit cards' promo with Pizza Hut group had ended last 31 August 2012, they tied up now with Chowking for a new promo that runs from 12 September to 15 November 2012. Below is a repost of their email to me:

Greetings from BPI Express Online!

Please be advised of our latest Shop Anywhere Promo"
Promo Title: Lauriat Shopping, Lauriat Eating
Promo Period: September 12, 2012 to November 15, 2012
Redemption period: September 12, 2012 to January 14, 2013
Cardholders can claim FREE Treats at any Chowking store nationwide upon presentation of BPI Express Credit card and submission of a valid card transaction receipt from ANY merchant. Cash advance transactions can qualify to redeem the FREE Chowking Treats

Required minimum single receipt transaction and corresponding rewards are as follows:

Required Minimum Single Receipt Transaction
FREE Food Items
One (1) order of 1-pc Chinese Style Fried Chicken with rice OR
One (1) Chinese Sausage Special Chow Pao + One (1) order of 3 pc. Siomai
Two (2) orders of  Oriental Beef Bowl + Two (2) Chinese Sausage Chow Pao OR
Two (2) orders of Fish & Tofu Bowl + Two (2) Chinese Sausage Chow Pao OR
Two (2) orders of Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl + Two (2) Chinese Sausage Chow Pao
Choice of any Three (3) Lauriats (Orange Chicken, Shanghai Lumpia or Breaded Fish) + Three (3) Chinese Sausage Chow Pao OR
Choice of any Four (4) Chef Bowl (Oriental Beef, Fish&Tofu) + Four (4) Chinese Sausage Chow Pao

Redemption Conditions:
1. Redemption is valid at any Chowking branch nationwide.
2. Redemption is valid for dine-in and take-out only.
3. The following transactions are NOT qualified for the FREE Chowking treats:
        online purchases and internet payments;
        mail and telephone order purchases; and
        auto-charge transactions
        mobile transfers
4. Only one (1) redemption is allowed for every qualified charge slip.
5. A customer is allowed up to three (3) redemptions per day per store only.
6. Redemption is valid from September 12, 2012 to January 14, 2013.
7. No charge slip, no redemption.

So collect your BPI credit card charge slips now with at least Php 2,000 value!

All the photos above were taken from Chowking's website. 
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  1. hi , just want to ask how to store credit card slips to retain their clearness for exchange / redemption of promos.

  2. Never fold. Put in an envelope instead of wallet. Don't put it together with other things, like cards, receipts or the like. Just plain charge slips in envelope

  3. Another option is to photocopy a charge slip while still clear, then attach it with the original fading charge slips when redeeming the freebie items.

    1. sir i have a question.if i made a purchase on September 4 ,2012 what bpi promo can i avail?tnx =)

    2. Unfortunately, the period from 01-11 September 2012 is not covered by any of the BPI promos, so you cannot avail or redeem anything. :(

    3. ty for ur reply sir, better luck next time i guess

  4. Here's a link for BPI EPS transactions promo. I just saw it on a billboard at C5. It started August 15 according to the website. Sayang, matagal na pala to.

  5. is there no extension sa chowking promo?

  6. No extension. They have a new promo now with Jollibee starting on 16 Nov. 2012.

    See my post about it this month.

  7. Thanks to BPI for these promos. But the downsides are: 1. Ink of receipts are not clear (Chow King rejected my 5 receipts (a month old!) It was really frustrating!!! You suggested, above, that we have it photocopied--gagastos pa kami for xerox?
    2. for senior citizens, without anybody to make errands for us, we have to go to the food outlet to claim (if we opt to use public transport, transpo will cost us 80 for a tricycle fare to & from the mall) The promo costs 60 each. Granting we redeem max of 3, that will amount to 180. Net gift from BPI is 100 for three receipts of 2,000 each. May I suggest that rather than these promo tie-ups with food outlets, promo rebate of 60 for every 2,000 single receipt. That way, the money saved (the rebate) can purchase the food we prefer! Win-win situation tayo: BPI and the card holder. Why should the food outlet benefit from our (BPI/card holder) relationship?
    3. Not everyone wants to eat the food from these promo food outlets. Nanghihinayang lang kami, but the fact is our diet is restricted. The rebate, when deducted in our monthly bills, can be used to buy items we need more. But the manner of rebate shouldn't be the ones being done by Citicard. Simple lang, pag may single purchase of 2,000 on the monthly bill, just deduct 60 from that bill...presto!

    We hope the management of BPI seriously study this.

    Am a BPI cardholder for more than 10 years. And I'm sticking with BPI card.

  8. The last suggestion above by Anonymous22 November, 2012 04:45 is quite ridiculous. Pretty funny-- it is so specifically beneficial to one case, and non-beneficial to everyone else, that it really proves you cannot please everybody, or else, you go nuts.

  9. Just want to ask if there is any promo starting feb 1 2013


    1. Sorry, but they have no promo as of this time, according to BPI Express Online.

  10. I'd scanned my receipt with attached faded original still get rejected...useless promo kaya you just redeemed it immediately after buying something.

  11. You can actually call 89100 and request for an email copy of your faded transaction slip. present it together with your faded copy and establishments will accept it. I have tried that and it works. 89100 only approves a limited number of receipts for this kind of requests.