Sunday, September 19, 2010

Legend Hotel at Puerto Princesa

While I was comparing Puerto Princesa hotel rates and facilities for a group of doctors, Legend Hotels offered me a complimentary stay at their Puerto Princesa property. This is to allow me to have a first hand experience of what they offer, without any guarantee or obligation that my group will stay at their hotel. 

I think their location is just a kilometer away from the city center, but only a few steps away from the provincial hospital. Among the top 3 hotels in the city, they have the most number of guest rooms, function room, dining, and recreation facilities. They also have guest lifts, which is a plus for the elderlies or for people with disabilities.

Below is a photo of their premium room, which is spacious like all of their guestrooms, except the Pads room.

Here is their executive suite's bedroom

One of their function rooms

The hotel's lobby with high ceiling

Their swimming pool with darts and table tennis within the area

Their breakfast setup with decent variety of food choices

Their dinner buffet setup with fewer choices, and replenishment seem sparse to cut their costs as they have few diners that time.

Their bar on the topmost floor with karaoke rooms and a band playing at all nights.

With all the hotel's facilities, their higher room rates are well justified. Service is also good on our experience, as our room service food orders and laundry are delivered on time. This is the best hotel in the city, worth staying at if budget is not an issue.

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